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Improvements? by American Elephant
July 29, 2008, 6:56 pm
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Just want to point out a few minor changes we’ve made, and ask if you find them helpful.

First, we added a search bar to the sidebar to lookup posts by subject or keyword. I’ve already found this helpful myself.

Second, we added a “recent comments” widget to the sidebar, titled, “Elephant Talk”. I don’t know if people find this helpful or not, so I would love to hear your opinions.

Third, we added a “funroll” for lack of a better name, after the newsroll and blogroll, which contains links to sites we think are fun, from editorial cartoonists, to movie trailers, humor sites, etc…

And lastly, as I begin to have more fun with Photoshop, I decided to add a page where I link to all of them. This can be found under the “navigation” header in the sidebar. Will update it whenever I publish new photoshops.

Let us know if any of these are useful or not — our statistics show that people are already using the funroll and photoshop page, but we wont be able to tell from the stats if people are using the search function or “recent comments” functions — and as always, we love your comments and suggestions … well the ones that aren’t crude and physically impossible anyway. 🙂

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