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Best… Ad… Ever! by Emerald City Elephant

The McCain camp has launched a new ad mocking the Obamessiah, clearly inspired by this brilliant piece in the (London) Times Online.

I think it’s a great ad: I hope we see a lot more like it. And unlike some other conservatives, I think it will be highly effective. The Obama campaign is very long on style, and has arrogance in abundant supply, but is astoundingly short on substance.¬†Mockery is the best way to point it out.

We shall see.

Whatever bump Obama might have had after his “See how Presidential I look” tour of Europe is gone. The race is now literally tied according to the latest Gallup polls. I don’t see how that can be good news for Obama. We’ll see which direction the polls go.

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AE, This is exactly the ad I was talking about when I said McCain has nothing to say, he just amkes fun of Obama. And we are to believe then that McCain has a higher plan? I think not.


Comment by helenl

I agree with helenl that I’d like to see more substantive ads. However, I think this sort of attack is necessary and effective for the McCain camp. There are many Obama supporters who really do see him as some sort of second coming, and who support him without any idea of his policy (see the youtube video of Rep. Kirk Watson as proof). People talk about “coming to Obama”, others swoon at his rallies. Highlighting the absurdity of electing the most powerful person in the world based on his ability to envoke such emotion, rather than his ideas and plans is worthwhile, in my opinion. I’ll note that I thought the “Celeb” ad was a waste of time and an insult to us voters who really do care about the issues.

Lastly, I have to respectfully disagree that McCain doesn’t have any plans.


Comment by The Gentle Cricket

McCain has been giving speeches about policy and issues since the beginning of the campaign. He has run ads about his service, plans and experience. The problem is, he can’t get any attention from the media unless he goes after Obama.


Comment by American Elephant

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