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The OTHER Democrat Outrage by American Elephant

While all eyes have been on Nancy Pelosi’s Stalinist tactics on the House side of Congress, Harry Reid is busy making a mockery of the Constitution to little fanfare in the Senate. Perhaps it is because Senate Democrats have been pulling the same dirty trick for over a year now that no one much talks about it anymore. Or perhaps its because the media approves.

I suspect the latter.

The Constitution clearly calls for the President to make nominations to fill vacancies in the federal judiciary and other political appointments, and requires the Senate to provide “advice and consent.” Democrats are pulling every trick they can think of to thwart that Constitutional mandate.

Where Pelosi ordered Republicans microphones, the lights and cameras turned off, and Democrats voted to shut down the House rather than allow a vote on drilling  — one Senate Democrat comes in every three days to gavel the Senate in and out of session, a task that took Rhode Island Democrat Jack Reed all of 28 seconds, in order to prevent President Bush from using his Constitutional powers to make recess appointments. How can anyone call a 28 second session anything but an abuse of Senate rules to thwart Constitutionally granted powers?

Meanwhile, there are currently 250 nominations that Democrats are blocking, by these means and others, from receiving an up or down vote. 50 of these are judical appointments, and with the enormous backlog of the federal courts, all are urgent.

If they get large enough majorities, they will make these heavy-handed tactics look like child’s play. They intend to reinstate the “fairness doctrine” to silence only opposition voices. Barack Obama, Henry Waxman and others have made it clear they intend to investigate the Bush adminstration for war crimes. It is also clear they intend to grant amnesty, which, combined with relaxed electoral laws such as motor votor and absentee voting, is meant to ensure they never lose power again. It was supposed to work that way in the 1990’s when Clinton pushed through a flood of naturalizations of Mexican immigrants just in time to get them registered for the election. Citing the Presidents private advisers for contempt of Congress for refusing to aid their fishing expeditions.

  • Abusing the Constitution so they can stack the courts.
  • Silencing political opposition.
  • Criminalizing political opposition.
  • Altering the democraphics to permanently favor them. 
  • Show trials.

Keep in mind, these are things Democrats themselves have already done, and/or are openly promising to do.

Now tell me these are not Stalinists.

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The democrats think their man will win the White House so they’re trying to get everything in place for his socialist government.


Comment by goodtimepolitics

how can anyone take the legitimacy of an out of session appointment seriously. How did John Bolton work out? Dope


Comment by Patrick

John Bolton was a terrific ambassador to the UN. Fabulous!. The UN is the most corrupt organization on earth, and I’m afraid, beyond reforming. “Oil for Food”, Phony Global Warming, UN “Peacekeepers” who rape little children. Aid to the people of Indonesia after the tsunami which meant turning up too late to do anything at all except to hold meetings and demand credit for everyone else’s hard work. Has the UN ever done anything worthwhile?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Patrick, lets not forget that John Bolton pressed heavily for UN intervention in Darfur, was instrumental in exposing the fact that Iranians were developing a nuclear program, and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

How can you not take an appointee seriously? The president doesn’t appoint them while he finds a real candidate. He does so as his intention for a permanent seat, until that person can be confirmed by the congress.

I’ll grant you that President Bush has made some profound errors in who he nominates/appoints (e.g. Harriet Meyers), but Ambassador Bolton most certainly does not fall into this category.


Comment by The Gentle Cricket

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