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Obama Kerry? You heard it here first! by American Elephant
August 15, 2008, 4:31 pm
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With the Democrat Convention fast approaching, speculation is at a fever pitch over whom the Obamessiah will anoint his vice-presidential running mate. And since Kathleen Sebelius accidentally let slip earlier this week that the theme of the Democratic convention Wednesday night, the night the VP nominee will speak, will be national security and a tribute to veterans, the blogosphere has been a twitter with speculation that the theme is itself a hint to whom Obama will give his nod.

And so the chatter on teh interwebs, picked up by Drudge today, is that the anointed one might look to the annoying one — the “haughty, French-looking senator from Massachusetts who, by the way served in Vietnam” (James Taranto’s oft-repeated description) — to bolster his non-existent national security creds.

(By the way, I think the fact that this rumor made it to the top slot on Drudge suggests it might just be an actual trial-balloon.)

But this is an idea we floated, graphically at least, weeks ago in a piece picked up by Michelle Malkin, on the passing of the mantle of most egregious flip-flopper from Kerry to Obama.

But for the same reason we made the graphic, I think the idea of Kerry as VP will be very appealing to the man who has waged the most image-centered, superficial campaign in American history. You’ve seen the posters, the logo’s, “O-Force One”, the presidential seal:  Barack Obama is clearly a man who thinks he can graphic-design and photo-op his way into the White House without ever submitting to a substantial interview or debate. Indeed, I think the Berlin spectacle made it clear that it’s his strategy. It’s all branding. The man loves his “O”. I think whomever he picks, how it affects his “brand” will be of utmost importance to him. And what better to a campaign focused entirely on image than to turn the Obama “O” into “OK”.

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