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They said they would, but no they won’t…. by The Elephant's Child

The War in Georgia

Russia agreed to pull out of South Ossetia, a cease-fire in the Georgian War, but, of course, they are doing no such thing. They are digging in a little deeper. In Poti, a port on the Black Sea, the Russians have sunk all Georgian naval and patrol vessels, and have been systematically destroying port facilities. They are far outside the borders of South Ossetia. The cease-fire deal calls for both Russian and Georgian forces to pull back to positions they held before fighting erupted on August 8.

The media seems to have accepted Russian propaganda, as usual.

The War in the House of Representatives

First she says she will and then she won’t. She will consider opening “portions”, but probably include little remedies that fit all her lies. Opening the Strategic Reserve, creating green jobs, curbs on non-existent speculation, all the loony leftist ideas. We need to increase the pressure on the Speaker of the House. She has created the worst record of any speaker in my lifetime, and with an approval rating of 9%, it can’t get much lower.

Do you suppose that Speaker Pelosi’s big investment in Boone Pickens’ big wind energy play “Clean Energy Fuels Corporation has anything to do with her insistence on subsidies for wind energy?

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If you were to check out the agreement mediated by France’s Sarkozy and signed by all four engaged forces, you will find that nowhere is it stated that Russia is to pull out of South Ossetia or Azkhabia. But when you depend only on western propaganda disguised as news, I can see where one might be mislead.

Do the work. Check it out for yourself and you’ll find that the western “news” has completely fabricated terms and conditions of the ceasefire agreement.


Comment by Elyich

According to the State Dept., Russians and Georgians are to fall back to their positions on August 8, before the Russian invasion. This allows Russian “peacekeepers” to remain in Georgia. Russia is not abiding by these restrictions, as usual, and is “reinterpreting” the agreement daily. I cannot find the text of the actual agreement.

The Western media has their problems, one of them is usually falling for too much Russian propaganda, not printing “Western propaganda”.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Oh Please! – The Elephant’s Child should grow up and start living in the real world. The western media always ahve and alwys will lie about the truth. Why? Because the truth does not sell papers or get viewers in front of the TV. Ad to that the fact that most of these people grew up in an era where Russia was the bad guy and you get yourself a healthy group of people only to willing to paint Russia as the bad guy! Look at the last 6 years. Which country has broken more international laws and agreements! Which country invaded 2 sovoreign nations? Which country lied about its reasons for invading a country? Which country has caused more problems in the world concerning security and economics? Which country has the biggest double standards of the all? Rusiia? No! It was all your precious America the so-called guardian of freedom and the free nations! America has not done anything worthwile for the rest of the world in the last decade, especially since that Idoit was ellected. And then you have the aarogance to complain about Russia doing what America should actually have been doing? What is that i hear you asking? It is simple – even a 5 year old child can Understand it! Russia protected the innocent civilian population from HARM as best it could! Where was America – They were to preoccupied with their illegal war in Iraq! Hell no wonder The west has degenerated as far as it had!. Because of people living in their little fantasy worlds instead of the real world with real problems!. GROW UP AND GET REAL! You might find that refreshing!


Comment by Concerned

The Western media has a pronounced leftist slant, both here and in Europe. They report the news through that lens. Their reporting on the war has been very poor, but if you know where to look, you can find accurate reporting. They get things wrong a lot, but there’s not all that much deliberate lying. They’ve been fooled by photoshopped photography and terrorist stringers.

I believe I responded to your “invading sovereign nation nonsense” above. I’m sure it’s comforting to blame everything on America, but there are other nations who can assume some responsibility.

There were no lies about the reasons for invading. (Democrat propaganda). It has all been the subject of many investigations and hearings, and sorry, no lies.

We do cause some problems in the world, and we are also the ones who have to clean them up.

Listen to yourself: “America has not done anything worthwhile for the rest of the world in the last decade, especially since that idiot was elected”. First, don’t call our President names. We are great Bush supporters here.
Let’s see, we have freed 50 million people from some of the worst tyrannies on earth, and rebuilt what we damaged in their countries, and fixed what Saddam let go to wrack and ruin. We rebuilt their schools, fixed the power supply, and turned everything over to a freely elected government. We rescued the people of Indonesia from a tsunami, tried to rescue the people of Burma from a tornado, helped with a few earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, rescued many people of Africa from the devastation of AIDS, provided most of the food aid to the world, and thoroughly criticized ourselves for not doing things better.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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