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War and peace, ceasefires and peacekeepers…. by The Elephant's Child

Oh, well of course, it’s all Bush’s fault. The response has been too anemic. The response has been too strong. A little invasion in Ossetia, and it’s the blame-business as usual. The Russians had no choice but to move in because President Mikheil Saakashvili was committing genocide in South Ossetia; and if you believe that, you probably believe that Russian peacekeepers are keeping the peace.

Melik Kaylan, a New York based writer who has often reported from Georgia, wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

Last year, President Mikheil Saakashvili invited me along on a helicopter flight to see Tskhinvali, South Ossetia’s capital, from the air. We viewed it at some distance to avoid Russian antiaircraft missiles manned by Russian personnel.

He pointed out a lone hilltop sprinkled with houses some 10 miles inside Georgian territory — scarcely even a town. Much of the population, namely the Georgians, had long ago been purged by  Russian-backed militias, leaving behind a rump population of Ossetian farmers and Russian security forces posing as Ossetians. “We have offered them everything, ” he said, “language rights, land rights, guaranteed power in parliament, anything they want, and they would take it, if the Kremlin would let them.” (emphasis mine)

Moscow’s thin pretense of protecting an ethnic group provided just enough cover for Georgia’s timorous friends in the West to ignore increasing Russian provocations over the past few years. Moscow, it now seems, intends to “protect” large numbers of Georgians too — by occupying and killing them if that’s what it takes — and prevent them from building their own history and pursuing their democratic destiny, as it has for almost two centuries.

Georgia is just a little country far, far away, but it was once in the “sphere” of the Soviet Union. So were Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia and others. The core assumptions of the post-Cold War years have proved to be wrong. Francis Fukuyama famously claimed “At the end of history, there are not serious ideological competitors left to liberal democracy.” Nor has human nature, in its best and worst emanations, been repealed.

There have been a lot of words written on the Russian invasion of Georgia. These were, to me, some of the most striking. There will be many more words, lots of propaganda, and many attempts to attach blame. Try hard to retain your common sense. We may need it. This is a wake-up call.

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Oh Please! – The Elephant’s Child should grow up and start living in the real world. The western media always ahve and alwys will lie about the truth. Why? Because the truth does not sell papers or get viewers in front of the TV. Ad to that the fact that most of these people grew up in an era where Russia was the bad guy and you get yourself a healthy group of people only to willing to paint Russia as the bad guy! Look at the last 6 years. Which country has broken more international laws and agreements! Which country invaded 2 sovoreign nations? Which country lied about its reasons for invading a country? Which country has caused more problems in the world concerning security and economics? Which country has the biggest double standards of the all? Rusiia? No! It was all your precious America the so-called guardian of freedom and the free nations! America has not done anything worthwile for the rest of the world in the last decade, especially since that Idoit was ellected. And then you have the aarogance to complain about Russia doing what America should actually have been doing? What is that i hear you asking? It is simple – even a 5 year old child can Understand it! Russia protected the innocent civilian population from HARM as best it could! Where was America – They were to preoccupied with their illegal war in Iraq! Hell no wonder The west has degenerated as far as it had!. Because of people living in their little fantasy worlds instead of the real world with real problems!. GROW UP AND GET REAL! You might find that refreshing

You Americans are really pathetic. You can never take resonsibility for anything! You screw up and it is always somebody else’s fault. Never you people who actually srewed up!


Comment by Concerned

Concerned, there is no country in the world that takes so much blame for its own actions, and worries about it so much. Russia has been involved in South Ossetia for years, not weeks.

The United States invaded Afghanistan after we were attacked by terrorists based in that country. As for Iraq, it was not a sovereign nation. After Iraq invaded Kuwait, a coalition of governments removed them,under UN auspices, and though Saddam was defeated, we let him off with a cease-fire with very strict conditions to which he was required to conform. He violated every condition, and was attacking our patrolling aircraft daily, and had thrown out our weapons inspectors. Don’t give me that nonsense.

Georgia did not invade Russia, you know. Georgia is a sovereign nation, and South Ossetia is a lawful portion of Georgia. I don’t know if you are a Russian, but even if that is the case, you should recognize Russian propaganda. Protected the “innocent” civilian population, indeed. And I suppose they just happened to notice that some South Ossetians were being abused and rushed in to save them as they were passing by — with two battalions, their supply lines, warplanes, tanks, a fleet of warships — something that takes weeks of planning to pull off.

We are indeed pathetic. We assume that because Russia declares itself a Democracy that they mean it, and overlook their bullying Europe with their energy riches. The pipeline running through Georgia wouldn’t have anything to do with this benevolent invasion , would it? Perish the thought.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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