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Washington State Re-Match by American Elephant

Today is primary day here in Washington State. For those of you reading locally, remember to post-mark your ballots or get to the polls.

It is also the first time former Governor-elect, Dino Rossi, who won the Gubernatorial election here in 2004 on both the first and second counts, will face off against Christine Gregoire, who — by getting liberal courts to change the rules after the fact, over and over and over again — was able to steal the election from Dino Rossi, on the third re-count.

In other words, she accomplished exactly what the Supreme Court stopped Al Gore from doing in Florida.

Unlike the left, I don’t bandy about accusations of stolen elections lightly or without evidence. Every time it was clear Rossi still had enough votes to win, new batches of ballots would spring forth from the ground like weeds in the most heavily Democratic county in the state. The dead were casting ballots. Barack Obama’s “community activist” group ACORN (still funded to this day with your federal tax dollars) was found guilty in the biggest case of electoral fraud in state history.

It truly left a bad taste in your mouth it was so dirty. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal wrote about it fairly extensively, and his assessment was the same as mine.

I’m telling you this because Dino Rossi is a great candidate, a solid, common sense conservative, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-business, limited government fiscal conservative and he is a Republican who not only can win in a blue-state, but has. An entrepeneur, former member of the state senate Republican leadership, and twice certified as the winner of the gubernatorial election. He is one of the GOP’s real chances to take back a governor’s mansion this fall.

But I have absolutely zero doubt that if the election is close, Democrats will attempt to steal it again. That’s why I’d like to ask you to consider supporting Dino Rossi (no I don’t work for him or anything) if you are looking for good conservative candidates to support.

Radio host Kirby Wilbur, a good guy whom you may have heard filling in for Sean Hannity from time to time, thinks Rossi has such great potential that he could very well end up on a national ticket some day, and I am inclined to agree. But he has to take back the Governorship that was stolen from him first.

And in order to do that, he needs to have a larger margin of victory than he did last time. The polls are close again and his opponent is getting lots of contributions from out of state. Both Barack and Michelle Obama have been here helping her to raise funds, which means they are worried.

So, I thought I would suggest that if you are looking for solid conservatives to support, or if you want to stop Democrats’ electoral shenanigans, which will only spread the more they are allowed to get away with them, then you ought to consider looking over Dino Rossi’s site and perhaps giving him your support. He is just the kind of candidate the GOP needs.


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