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Sugar Frosted Phelps by American Elephant

The food-nazis have got their organic cotton, dye-free, carbon-neutral panties all in a bunch because Olympic gold-medal phenomenon, Michael Phelps, has signed a promotional deal with… Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes. Gasp!

Good for him!

It’s exactly the right message to send to kids.

Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat like a bird. Being healthy doesn’t mean a diet of brussel sprouts, rice cakes and tofu. Being healthy means you can eat whatever kinds of foods you want if they are a part of a balanced diet and if you get off your butt and move. The man eats 12,000 calories a day for crying out loud.

And he sends an even more important message to all Americans. When city councils and other bureaucratic busibodies are increasingly trying to legislate those choices for us, when socialized medicine threatens a great deal more of the same, Phelps message is right on the money… that this is still America, and you can still eat what you want, you can get physically active if you want, or you can be fat if you want.  It is, at least for the time being, still up to you.

Let’s make sure it stays that way.

Congresswoman Suffers Massive Aneurysm by American Elephant
August 20, 2008, 11:44 am
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Representative Steephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) has apparently suffered a massive aneurysm and is in very grave condition. Tragically, it looks as though she won’t make it:

Tubbs Jones was “for all intents and purposes dead when they brought her into the hospital” Tuesday night, the station reported in a breaking news update that interrupted regular morning programming. [read more]

The latest reports are that she may be removed from life support any time. She is only 58 years old. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Congresswoman Tubbs Jones and her family and loved ones at this horrible, tragic time.

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