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Obama’s Teleprompter Problem. by The Elephant's Child

Has there ever before been a candidate for the Presidency of the United States who ran on a platform of not liking his country much? At least when he’s speaking without a teleprompter. He can’t seem to stop putting his foot into it. On Wednesday in Lynchburg, VA, Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again for invading another country’s sovereign territory while stating that “the United States should set a better example on that front”.

The Illinois senator’s initial opposition to the Iraq war is his only claim to fame, and to which he refers whenever possible. (I think he was pathetically and disastrously wrong, but he is entitled to his opinion). He went on to say “We’ve got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies. They can’t charge into other countries. Of course it helps if we are leading by example on that point”.

Victor Davis Hanson found that a little much too:

Let me get this straight; getting a Senate and House majority to authorize a bipartisan joint war-resolution, going to the U.N., assembling a coalition, having a national and world debate on the wisdom of such an operation from December 2001 to March 2003, and then attacking a genocidal dictator, and staying on to foster a constitutional democracy are apparently the same “charge” “example” as an autocrcy suddenly invading its democratic neighbor during the Olympics, and staying on to annex some of its territory?

Aside from the silliness of these statements, the problem for Obama, again, is that incrementally they really do start to add up — America’s “tragic history,” the mini-sermon on decline to the 7-year-old, waffling exegesis to Rick Warren about our own evil, the confessions to the cheering Berliners about our transgressions — and these doubts are enhanced rather than ameliorated by Michelle Obama’s various rantings, and the creepy things former associates like Ayers, Wright, and Pfleger have said about America and its culture.

Obama has made it pretty clear that history is not his strong point, nor foreign policy. I still can’t get over his claim that he is especially knowledgeable about foreign policy because he lived abroad from age 6 to age 10.

I am offended by his constant put-downs of the country, and by his insistence that the country is in terrible shape. I suppose that if you are a messiah, and you can convince everyone that things are almost beyond redemption, and that you and you alone can redeem the world; well then, I guess you get a bunch of people sitting around chanting Oh-bah-mah. Seems a little sick-making to me.

For Every Action, There is a Reaction. by The Elephant's Child
August 22, 2008, 8:19 pm
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The Russians seem not to be moving out of Georgia in spite of Western demands. They clearly are not happy with missiles in Poland and with the defiance of their former satellites. Now it seems that investors are yanking their money out of Russian markets. Until Russia invaded Georgia, there had been only massive inflows of capital, probably because of the rising price of oil which represents 20% of Russia’s gross domestic product.

The outbreak of militarism, red tape, corruption, and war talk has caused some to make a hasty exit and take their money with them. On Friday, Russia’s central bank announced that its foreign currency reserves — a central part of its economic stability had dropped $16.4 billion in the last week to $581.1 billion. This was the biggest decline since Russia’s 1998 currency crisis which led to triple digit inflation and a collapse of the ruble.

Oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was eligible for release from prison, but Russian authorities have decided to keep him in prison, without comment. His biggest crime seems to be that he was not politically aligned with Putin.

Russia’s oil boom has done little to improve conditions in Russia. Health care is poor, alcoholism is widespread, and life expectancy is short. Russia’s population is declining by approximately 500,000 a year, and is expected to accelerate.

It’s a strange world, isn’t it?

Breaking News: Obama VP Annoucement! by Emerald City Elephant
August 22, 2008, 6:51 pm
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We interrupt this program to bring you this breaking news: Illinois Senator Barack Obama has still not named his vice presidential running mate! No one knows who it will be. Story at 11:00.

We now return you to your originally scheduled program.

Update: This just in: Live from outside the Delaware home of Senator Joseph Biden. We can confirm that sources close to the campaign have indeed not revealed who Senator Obama will name as his Democratic running mate. Back to you in the studio, Ken.

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