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Exclusive: First Look at Obama/Biden Campaign Signs by American Elephant
August 23, 2008, 8:33 am
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Barack Obama Biden Campaign Sign

The wait is over at long last! (For those of you who were waiting, at least.) If you’re like me, you weren’t waiting for the announcement so much as you were waiting for sweet relief from the 24-7 speculative hyperventilation. The operating assumption behind which seemed to be, if pundits could successfully name every known living Democrat as a possible running mate, eventually someone would end up being right.

But man! were they waiting! We posted this little joke, and were inundated with hundreds of hits within the first few minutes. You think they’ll fall for this one too? Heh heh.

According to Ed Morrisey, the much ballyhooed text message didn’t arrive until 4 am EST, hours after the pick was confirmed. So much for telling the Obamaniacs first. He can’t send out a text message on time, but he’s ready to lead the country? Oi! Another promise down the “O” hole and he hasn’t even gotten the nomination yet. How many is that? I’ve lost count. Turns out it was just a ploy to get cell #’s for the get out the vote efforts. Smart politics, bad PR.

I am very pleased, though,  to see that the McCain camp was ready to go with commercials no matter who the nominee ended up being — I’ll give McCain this, he’s been running a shrewd campaign of late.

Whaddya wanna bet McCain’s choice doesn’t get a quarter of the attention? Still, it will be interesting to see how the Obamessiah and Hairplugs respond to the ad:

(ht: Michelle Malkin)

Happy Birthday and Check the Oil! by American Elephant
August 23, 2008, 12:15 am
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American Elephants had our 1st birthday last week, and some time last night we had our 100,000th visitor. Not very exciting to anyone but us probably, but we are very excited and very grateful, especially to those of you who have not only visited, but keep coming back anyway!

We like our little blog, it’s definitely still a work in progress, lots of trial and error, but we’re very humbled that some other people seem to like it too. (and are willing to put up with the errors!) Please let us know if you have any ideas how we can make it better for you, we enjoy hearing the feedback!

Thanks to you all!

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