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Exclusive: First Look at Obama/Biden Campaign Signs by American Elephant
August 23, 2008, 8:33 am
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Barack Obama Biden Campaign Sign

The wait is over at long last! (For those of you who were waiting, at least.) If you’re like me, you weren’t waiting for the announcement so much as you were waiting for sweet relief from the 24-7 speculative hyperventilation. The operating assumption behind which seemed to be, if pundits could successfully name every known living Democrat as a possible running mate, eventually someone would end up being right.

But man! were they waiting! We posted this little joke, and were inundated with hundreds of hits within the first few minutes. You think they’ll fall for this one too? Heh heh.

According to Ed Morrisey, the much ballyhooed text message didn’t arrive until 4 am EST, hours after the pick was confirmed. So much for telling the Obamaniacs first. He can’t send out a text message on time, but he’s ready to lead the country? Oi! Another promise down the “O” hole and he hasn’t even gotten the nomination yet. How many is that? I’ve lost count. Turns out it was just a ploy to get cell #’s for the get out the vote efforts. Smart politics, bad PR.

I am very pleased, though,  to see that the McCain camp was ready to go with commercials no matter who the nominee ended up being — I’ll give McCain this, he’s been running a shrewd campaign of late.

Whaddya wanna bet McCain’s choice doesn’t get a quarter of the attention? Still, it will be interesting to see how the Obamessiah and Hairplugs respond to the ad:

(ht: Michelle Malkin)

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you are a serious moron


Comment by Jerry Scaggs

LOL. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this campaign sign. May I borrow it if I link back? Too funny! And so true!


Comment by sooshisoo

Well thank you. You’re more than welcome to borrow it.


Comment by American Elephant

Senator Biden – Draft Dodger Qualification to be Commander-in-Chief
What exactly makes Senator Biden qualified to be Commander-in-Chief other than during the Vietnam War he displayed a phenomenal ability to avoid a military conflict, especially if it posed a personal danger? I would also point out that the Obama-Biden ticket will be historic for another not-so impressive reason, it will be the first ticket of either major party in the past 68 years (since 1940) where neither the presidential nor vice presidential candidate have ever worn this country’s uniform.
Biden and many other of his ilk were technically “Draft Dodgers.” Draft dodging does not necessarily mean “illegal” as the Webster’s Dictionary of the time defined it as simply “avoiding military service.” Applying for student or occupational deferments (and you did have to apply), leaving the country, feigning homosexuality, or signing up for ROTC without any intentions of participating were all things people did, legally and illegally, to avoid performing their duty. I don’t care if your name was Cheney or Clinton, Biden or Romney, don’t insult my intelligence with a lame excuse. “It was the luck of the draw” (Clinton), “If called, I would have been happy to serve” (Cheney) or “look at my doctor’s note, it says I have asthma,” are a little disingenuous when each did everything short of maiming himself (which they didn’t have the guts to do) to make sure he was unavailable to be called.
Also, consider draft quotas were assigned by draft board. When one man evaded, someone else, often less educated or advantaged and always less eligible, served in his place. Additionally, because many of the more capable natural leaders avoided service, we often had to settle for the LT Cally’s of the world for leadership. Think of how many American lives could have been saved if leaders of Clinton, Cheney or Biden’s potential had done their duty. Isn’t it ironic how correct Clinton was when he used to say that “it’s the little guy who plays by the rules that always ends up taking it in the neck.”
As for Biden in particular, he was subject to the draft for most of the Vietnam draft era but continued to avoid service by applying (and it did require applying) for six separate deferments. Although in his best-selling memoir published last year, “Promises to Keep,” Biden recounted his active childhood, working as a lifeguard and excelling at high school football, he never mentions asthma but he now claims that “during the Vietnam War, he got a draft notice but flunked the physical due to asthma.” I’m afraid I’d have to see the government documentation of his physical before believing it as, you may recall, Biden’s record of veracity isn’t all that good. By the time Biden finally got his draft notice, he was already a lawyer so knew how to “manipulate the system.” Was his asthma “discovered” during his draft physical or did Mr. Biden bring in “documentation” from his “private physician” in an effort to establish a disqualifying feature after he received a draft notice. If the latter is the case, the entire matter should be presented to a disinterested panel of physicians now to determine if his disqualification was legitimate.
Having been Drafted and Inducted into the Army in June 1967 in Wilkes-Barre, the Armed Forces Entrance and Examination Station for Northeast Pennsylvania including Biden’s “hometown” of Scranton, I have a little first hand knowledge on how physicals were conducted. I had three disqualifying features detected during my Draft Physical including a “loose knee” from a wrestling injury that should have been surgically corrected. Instead of being disqualified, the doctor stamped my Physical “Waiver” but did warn me to “be careful with the knee in Vietnam so it didn’t dislocate again!” I was inducted later that afternoon and ended up serving an extended tour in Vietnam. I guess I might have “Taken Biden’s Place” in the War but never got so much as a thank-you from him! Then again, my circumstance might have been a little different than Biden’s. When I was drafted my father and brother (who suffered with terrible asthma for his entire 24 year military career) were active duty military, and my mother and four uncles were WWII combat veterans. Being found “unfit for service” would have been too embarrassing. Then again, some people have no shame so can’t be embarrassed.
I remember how Senator (and Medal of Honor recipient) Bob Kerrey put it in 1992 when he said “as I remember it, at that time if you could walk and chew gum, the military would take you.” Wonder how much Joe whined during his physical to get found “not physically qualified” because, I assure you from personal experience, it would not have happened without considerable whining!
Former Virginia Governor, current Senate candidate and Democrat Convention Keynote speaker Mark Warner was quoted in the 26 August Washington Post as saying: “(Biden) has real-world grass-roots, blue-collar appeal. He can go into a VFW hall or Kiwanis Club meeting and ….” He might be able to go into a Kiwanis Club but he definitely has NOT earned the right to enter a VFW Hall! If he was “unfit” to serve then when his country needed him badly, what makes him any more fit to serve now?


Comment by A-COL

And on top of that he has been not just wrong, but dangerously, disasterously wrong on every major foreign policy issue since he’s been in Congress.


Comment by American Elephant

Republicans are funny in the fact that they always try to use insults because well face it republicans are why this country is going down the toilet. Brains? Really might want to consider that both Barrack and Biden have much higher IQ’s, mensa level, while Mccain and Palin hover around average at best, and I’m being optimistic here. Being ignorant, believing in made up religion by Caesar Augustus who wanted to control the armies and gain wealth from using fear from said false god , going to war and blowing trillions of dollars may be what makes a “true american” but isn’t it time for a change where someone educated with real ambition to save the middle class fix the economy take on big business and drug companies be elected? I do realize that americans are generally ignorant but thats why we need CHANGE. Mccain flip flop “maverick” is the last thing the country needs. He was a maverick in the 90’s, found out that you can’t get rich by not playing ball so became Bush’s lap dog and voted for anything and everything the worst president in history thought was a “good idea” for the last 7 years, and now that he wants to be president he claims to be a maverick again with zero proof of that since by his own admission he thinks the stock market and economy are just fine. Republicans also have no idea what taxes are obviously since the only ones Obama is raising are on the major corporations that now have giant loopholes and tax shelter by moving factories overseas and the extremely wealthy…the working class will stay the same unlike Mccain/Bush plan to keep cutting taxes for big business so that the working class has to foot the bill. Mccain gets rich from giant kickbacks and america goes further into the toilet. If any republicans actually knew the topics and polocies being discussed in the debates it would be obvious, like it is to the well educated blue states, that Mccain and Palin look like idiots and always go off topic because they have no chance arguing the facts. Just smile and sling insults like an ignorant child and all the empty headed people that make up half the country will vote for you. Stop electing the village idiot america it hasn’t worked for the last 8 years so why turn that 8 into 12 by electing mccain?


Comment by MR. OBVIOUS

Mr. Obvious, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Punctuation. He is your friend, not your foe.

At least we can agree on one thing: there are a great many Americans who are woefully ignorant. You appear to be one of their number.

1. Republicans are not why the country is “going down the toilet”. Democrats have controlled congress for the past two years. When Republicans lost control of congress it had nothing to do with economics, but, if you remember, because of a perception of corruption. The economy was growing, GDP was growing, the stock market was growing, incomes were growing, and unemployment was shrinking when Republicans handed control of congress to the Democrats — and look where they have gotten us.

2. McCain and Palin’s IQs are both far above average, and I suspect above their respective opponents’ — but more than that they have ideas and proposals that work, while Obama proposes ideas that have been tried many times before and failed miserably every time. I suggest you start by reading up on the Carter administration. Contrary to the left’s ignorant talking point that this is the worst economy since the great depression, the economy was much worse under Jimmy Carter. He had double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates and double-digit unemployment. The economy was so bad, a new measure, the “misery index”, had to be invented just to accurately represent it’s awfulness.

Barack Obama is proposing we return to much of Jimmy Carter’s policy. You think things are bad now after 2 years of Democrat “change”? Just wait til we’ve had four!

And Joe Biden, for all his alleged brilliance, has been flat wrong on every major foreign policy issue of our time. He approved of the Mullahs rise to power in Iran, he opposed Reagan’s policies that won the Cold War and brought down the Soviet Union. He opposed the first Gulf War and the surge. And after 30 some-odd years on the Judiciary committee, this allegedly brilliant man is still unaware that the 1st Article of the Constitution establishes the branch of government in which he sits, not the executive, and unaware that the Constitution mandates that the Vice President preside over the Senate.

Neither John McCain nor Sarah Palin would make any of those disastrous errors.

You clearly have your left wing talking points down. But what is equally as clear is that they are just talking points and you don’t understand the issues of which you rant.

So yes, many Americans are ignorant — which you so ably exemplify — the vast majority of whom are voting for Barack Obama.


Comment by American Elephant

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