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More Pelosi on Energy Policy. by The Elephant's Child

There was another interesting part to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on Meet the Press. Ms. Pelosi announced that she was a major advocate of natural gas an an energy source; but then revealed that she is unaware that natural gas is a fossil fuel. And that it must be drilled for either on shore or offshore. Power Line caught this display of ignorance right off. From the transcript:

BROKAW: Well, I think most people understand that, but at the same time, if we work our way off carbon-based fuels, in the meantime, this is not going to happen overnight.

PELOSI: No it isn’t but you could — again, you could reduce the price of gas at the pump immediately with… (inaudible). You can have a transition with natural gas. That, that is cheap abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels. So, so there is a way to transition this instead of doing more of the same. The Bush administration, two oil men in the White House, they want us to believe that the status quo is what we should do and more of it — and more of it, when it will just only keep us in the same place that we are now.
PELOSI: I’m — I’m investing in something I believe in. I believe in natural gas as a clean cheap alternative to fossil fuels.
PELOSI: Well, that’s not — that is the marketplace. The fact is, the supply of natural gas is so big and you do need a transition if you’re going to go from fossil fuels, as you say, you can’t do it overnight, but you must transition.
These investments in wind, in solar and biofuels and focus on natural gas, these are the real alternatives.

The Power Line guys point out that “The Democrats prey on ignorance. Often they know better and are being cynical; sometimes it’s because they are ignorant themselves.”

It is really hard to know what Democrats understand about energy. They seem unaware that the case for catastrophic global warming has dissolved, that carbon dioxide is not the cause of what global warming there has been, and that the planet has been cooling for the past ten years. We don’t need cap-and-trade to cut down on carbon emissions because carbon dioxide is simply essential to life. It makes plants grow and helps them to survive drought, and there are many times in the past when there has been much more CO2 in the atmosphere.

I don’t think that Democrats know this. AlGore dismisses anything that disagrees with his position with great contempt, and so I imagine that most Liberals simply don’t know about changes in the science. I don’t think that they understand the real drawbacks of biofuels. Nor do they grasp the limits of solar and wind.

They are holding American energy policy hostage to misconceptions and orders from their environmentalist sponsors. They ignore the national security implications, because they want the troops out of Iraq and then there won’t be any more wars. Or something like that. If you have a better explanation, please let me know.

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