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The Ad Obama Doesn’t Want You to See by American Elephant

What would an Obama Justice Department look like?

He has given us a highly disturbing glimpse this week by twice demanding the Justice Department go after the producers of the above ad criticizing his relationship with domestic terrorist, William Ayers, and by calling for the criminal prosecution of one of the group’s financial supporters. The Obama camp and his supporters have waged a campaign of intimidation against the television and radio stations airing the ad.

I am reminded of Democrats’ attempts to crush a 9/11 docudrama, The Path to 9/11, including thinly veiled threats to pull ABC’s broadcast license if they did not acquiesce. (They did) And more recent attempts by members to intimidate Republican political donors.

Obama has previously pledged, if elected, he would order the Justice Department to “immediately” investigate whether or not the Bush administration could be charged for war crimes for legally prosecuting a war authorized by congress — including by Obama’s own party.

There is nothing illegal about the ad. It is entirely accurate. Even the Obama camp cannot refute the claims. This is a blatant attempt to use government to crush political opposition —  one thuggish tactic among many that Democrats have shown they are increasingly willing to employ.

And if he is so quick to prosecute political opposition now, why would anyone believe he would behave differently as president?

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