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Obama’s Heavy Hand by American Elephant

Obama continues his thuggish campaign to keep Americans from learning about his relationship to unrepentant domestic terrorist, William Ayers:

DENVER — Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign organized its supporters Wednesday night to confront Tribune-owned WGN-AM in Chicago for having a critic of the Illinois Democrat on its air.

“WGN radio is giving right-wing hatchet man Stanley Kurtz a forum to air his baseless, fear-mongering terrorist smears,” Obama’s campaign wrote in an e-mail to supporters. “He’s currently scheduled to spend a solid two-hour block from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. pushing lies, distortions, and manipulations about Barack and University of Illinois professor William Ayers.”

Kurtz, a conservative writer, recently wrote an article for the National Review that looked at Obama’s ties to Ayers, a former 1960s radical.

The magazine had been blocked in its initial attempts to obtain records from the University of Illinois at Chicago regarding the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which Obama chaired and Ayers co-founded. The school later reserved [sic] its position and made the records available Tuesday.

…Christenson said the Obama campaign was asked to have someone appear on the show and declined the request. [emphasis mine. read more]

They can’t refute the charges because they are all true. Obama tries to obfuscate by saying that Ayers committed his crimes when Obama was only 11 years old. True, but that’s really beside the point because Ayers is unapologetic. He was unapologetic when he kicked off Obama’s campaign in his home: he is unrepentant even to this day.

The fact is, that in Barack Obama’s short political career he’s had a disturbing number of relationships with radicals, extremists and even terrorists.

And because he can’t refute the relationships, Obama is doing everything in his power, including some very disturbing tactics, to keep Americans from hearing about them before election day.

But the truth will out.

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What about Bush’s relationship with the bin-Laden family? The terrorist responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Americans?


Comment by Ben Hoffman

The Bin Laden “family” that consists of thousands of individuals? The Bin Laden family that denounces Osama? The influential business family from which Osama is an outcast? What of it?

No one is holding Obama responsible for third party relationships, they are holding him accountable for his perseonal judgemnt in his direct, personal relationships with extremists, radicals and terrorists.

Nice try though.


Comment by American Elephant

Let also remember that neither Bush in particular nor the GOP in general ever tried to silence anyone who mentioned or reported such connections.


Comment by jonolan

I listened to this program last night, and was shocked by the venom of callers. They had no idea who Stanley Kurtz is (Dr. Kurtz is a fellow of a Washington think tank and a noted scholar)and were just mindlessly calling trying to shut up someone who is investigating Barack Obama’s connections to William Ayres. Since Obama has said;”He’s just a guy in the neighborhood”, the facts of that relationship are embarrassing to the Obama campaign.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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