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Free McCain/Palin Campaign Button! by American Elephant
September 2, 2008, 2:30 am
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McCain Palin Campaign Button

Well, a cyber-button at least.  Crop and re-size it however you wish, post it on your blog/myspace/facebook/webpage whatever as long as it is in support of Palin or the McCain/Palin ticket.

And be sure to check out our McCain/Palin t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc… here.

Or click any of the pictures below. We’ve got several different designs in a whole host of colors, and  I’ll be updating with new designs just as fast as I can crank them out, so check back often!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been truly nauseated by the vicious bile the left is hurling at Sarah Palin. They are intent on destroying her before she can get off the ground. The mainstream media has joined in, and the “narrative” has already been written. Palin is, according to them, unintelligent, unqualified white trash, whom John McCain only met once, never vetted, and doesn’t this just prove how poor and reckless McCain’s judgment is!

Naturally, the fact that their “narrative” jibes perfectly with the Obama campaign strategy is purely coincidental.

And now they are feverishly searching for the “facts” to back up their narrative. I have gotten many hits based on google searches for things such as “Palin + inexperienced”. See Dub at Michelle Malkin reports hits looking for “Palin + bikini”. If you blog on WordPress, you may have noticed that the current most popular blog is that of an Obama-supporter in Alaska who has nothing but unkind words for her extraordinarily popular governor. It looks as though half the lefty blogosphere has linked to her already.

Am I the only one reminded of the despicable spectacle of the Paul Wellstone memorial/Political Rally/two minutes hate? These people just met the woman and they already loathe her. I try to avoid predictions, but I would not at all be surprised if the current gutter wallowing doesn’t incur similar backlash. I certainly hope it does.

But right now I wanted to show my support for the besieged governor so I worked up the campaign button above and thought I’d offer it to anyone who also wants to show their support.

More on the Palin attacks and repugnant rumor mongering later.

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