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Free McCain/Palin Campaign Button! by American Elephant
September 2, 2008, 2:30 am
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McCain Palin Campaign Button

Well, a cyber-button at least.  Crop and re-size it however you wish, post it on your blog/myspace/facebook/webpage whatever as long as it is in support of Palin or the McCain/Palin ticket.

And be sure to check out our McCain/Palin t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc… here.

Or click any of the pictures below. We’ve got several different designs in a whole host of colors, and  I’ll be updating with new designs just as fast as I can crank them out, so check back often!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been truly nauseated by the vicious bile the left is hurling at Sarah Palin. They are intent on destroying her before she can get off the ground. The mainstream media has joined in, and the “narrative” has already been written. Palin is, according to them, unintelligent, unqualified white trash, whom John McCain only met once, never vetted, and doesn’t this just prove how poor and reckless McCain’s judgment is!

Naturally, the fact that their “narrative” jibes perfectly with the Obama campaign strategy is purely coincidental.

And now they are feverishly searching for the “facts” to back up their narrative. I have gotten many hits based on google searches for things such as “Palin + inexperienced”. See Dub at Michelle Malkin reports hits looking for “Palin + bikini”. If you blog on WordPress, you may have noticed that the current most popular blog is that of an Obama-supporter in Alaska who has nothing but unkind words for her extraordinarily popular governor. It looks as though half the lefty blogosphere has linked to her already.

Am I the only one reminded of the despicable spectacle of the Paul Wellstone memorial/Political Rally/two minutes hate? These people just met the woman and they already loathe her. I try to avoid predictions, but I would not at all be surprised if the current gutter wallowing doesn’t incur similar backlash. I certainly hope it does.

But right now I wanted to show my support for the besieged governor so I worked up the campaign button above and thought I’d offer it to anyone who also wants to show their support.

More on the Palin attacks and repugnant rumor mongering later.

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Can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. Would Huckabee ahve a problem with the media? or hows about Condalissa Rice? This is not about sex or “lefty” anything. It’s about who is qualified and was the process even undertaken to make sure this stuff was known abou tbefore the pick. Fact: McCain met her once. Now with the over 26 years McCain has been in the Senate, someone whom he has met once is the person he wants to succeed him if anything would happen to him? Where I come from you put people you trust in positions to handle your business if something happened to you. He touts her reformer attitude, but it seems to me from what I have heard about her, she is a populist. I apologize if this seems that I am being sexual insensitive, that is not my intention. I am after all from the party that fights for equal pay for equal work, so I do not see how this could be sexist.

Comment by Blake

Blake, you are naive and uninfomed, but man you got your talking points down! It has been very sad watching the left develop their “narrative” and seeing people robotically parrot it without ever bothing to see if it’s true. It’s upsetting to see so many people searching for information on Palin, not because they want to get to know her, but with the intention of destroying her before they even know who it is they are trying to destroy.

First of all, John McCain met her twice in person, not once, and spoke with her via phone I dont know how many times. His vetting team also met and spoke with her many times, and she was subjected to all the requisite FBI background checks.

Secondly, equal pay for equal work is already the law. What Democrats seek is equal pay for unequal work. As the old saying goes, those who would rob Peter to pay Paul (or Paulina) can usually count on the support of Paul. A formula that Democrats have mastered to great effect — dividing and setting us against one another for their political gain.

And I would love to hear you explain how widespread charges that Governor Palin lied about being the mother of her newborn, Trig to hide the fact that it was supposedly her teenage daughters baby has anything to do with qualifications or even the truth? The fact is, Obama supporters are out to destroy Governor Palin, and the truth be damned.

And lastly, yes, I agree, let’s make this election all about experience! As I said in another post, I triple-dog-dare you!

Governor Palin runs a state with a multi-billion dollar budget, and hundreds of thousands of employees. She has negotiated international contracts, made political appointments, cut taxes, routed out corruption, vetoed and approved legislation, submitted budgets, approved budgets, and got a pipeline that has been stalled for decades approved. She is the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard and visited the gulf to visit her troops and get first hand knowledge and the opinions of commanders and soldiers on the ground of the progress of the Surge over a year before Barack Obama. And unlike Obama, she did not go with a predetermined position. She also visited wounded troops in Germany unlike Barack Obama. Furthermore her state is separated from the lower 48 by one country, and shares waters with another hostile nation. Alaska is also home to America’s missile defense system, of which she has been fully briefed. And her state has a huge and vibrant export economy.

So please, bring it on. Our Vice Presidential candidate is more qualified than your entirely unqualified presidential candidate by FAR!

Comment by American Elephant

There is a local news anchor here in the central valley of Calif. Several years ago there were numerous of his friends pushing him to run for mayor of a fairly good sized town. And I quote, “I have no desire to receive a proctology exam using a six cell flash light.”

This is Just the way that the sharks feed.


Comment by Mervi

What does it say about John McCain that he not only picked the least experienced Vice Presidential nominee in ‘s history, but picked someone he really didn’t know? Departing so far from any normal concept of appropriate background, he should at least have had a sense of why this individual is so special. Meeting Palin once at a Republican governors’ conference and having a single phone conversation on the eve of her selection just doesn’t pass muster—particularly for the oldest presidential candidate ever, who’s had four malignant melanomas.

What makes Palin such a cynical choice is that McCain doesn’t know her and doesn’t know what drives her. Until she was selected by the Karl Rove types running his campaign (like campaign manager and Rove protégé Steve Schmidt), McCain might not even have recognized her on the street. Instead, she’s a category selection, made for the crassest reasons by the same kinds of political operatives who brought us George W. Bush.

Their motives are obvious: Palin is an energetic and attractive woman who just might pick up some disgruntled Hillary supporters. She’s a westerner and a hunter who might appeal to rural voters. She might energize a previously tepid base of hard-shell religious conservatives through her opposition to abortion even in cases of rape or incest. These attributes may indeed prove her worth as a vote-getter. But they have no relation to Palin’s fitness for the job. McCain can’t have any sense of what lies beneath the marketing categories–who Palin actually is, what she could contribute to the Vice Presidential office, and what it would be like to work together–because he doesn’t know her and had no chance to. It’s like so much that the Republicans have done for eight years and longer—making choices with the gravest possible consequences based largely on political expediency.

Leave aside all the other troubling questions about Palin: her extreme abortion position; her backing the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” while campaigning for governor, then later claiming to disavow it; her denial of global warming and embrace of creationism; her Cheney-style vendetta of firing the Alaska public safety director who refused to fire her former brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper. Leave aside Palin’s actual record, because John McCain barely knows it. And his vetters didn’t even bother to go through the archives of her local newspaper or talk with the former public safety director she fired. What choosing her shows instead is a politics that once again subordinates any greater common good to a raw pursuit of power. It echoes McCain praising Jerry Falwell after once calling him an “agent of intolerance.” Or embracing Bush’s campaign and administration after Bush’s political hitmen defeated him in with Swift Boat-type lies. Or when instead of challenging Obama’s ideas, the McCain campaign tried to caricature him as one step up from Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Karl Rove’s minions may be smiling at the brazen gamesmanship of this pick: but if Americans fall for it, they should know all too well what to expect.

Comment by Shane

Thanks for the button! I’ve posted it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind!

Comment by Kirls

I have tried to post the button on my sidebar. I know that I am following the instructions given in the FAQ, but it will not work.

You will probably be pleased to know that I have decided to put my full support behind Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

Now, if you can help me figure out how to post the button!

Comment by renaissanceguy


If Governor Palin is the “least experienced Vice Presidential nominee in ’s [sic] history” perhaps you would like to tell us who the other top 4 least experienced VP candidates are? Or is it possible, as I suspect, that you have no idea what you’re talking about?

McCain has met with Palin twice, once at the governors conference and once at his home. I’d also like to see your source that he only talked to her once on the phone. Then I’d like to see records of how many times his vetting team met with her, and spoke with her on the phone. How many times they talked to her office, her colleagues, etc. Has McCain or his team exchanged email with Palin?

I know you have been given your talking points, but you really ought to try to think for yourself. If you had thought for yourself, you would realize there are a great many ways in which McCain and his team can very thoroughly vet a candidate, and that you only mentioned one — inaccurately at that — like most of your assertions.

What’s amusing is that your presidential candidate is only in office because he had corrupt Chicago judges unseal the private divorce records of his 3 previous opponents, that he has a past littered with relationships with radicals, convicted criminals, and domestic terrorists, that other than his corrupt campaigns he has zero accomplishments and no qualifications whatsoever. We know that he has hidden $850,000 that he has paid to ACORN, the group that he was a “community activist” for and a group which has been found guilty of vote fraud in multiple states, including my own. And as I noted above, is nowhere near as qualified for president as our vice-presidential candidate is, let alone our presidential candidate. Too bad no one vetted him!

And who vetted Joe Biden who has been wrong on virtually every foreign policy decision he has ever made, from approving of the Ayatollahs rise to power in iran to opposing Reagans approach to the Soviet Union, opposing the first Gulf War to opposing the surge. And who has been lobbied for billions by his own son, who is himself steeped in corruption.

The fact is that, as I said above, as the Governor of a state with a $12 billion budget and 250,000 employees, a huge export economy, who has proposed and approved budgets, cut taxes, routed out corruption, negotiated international contracts, made political appointments, gotten a pipeline that has been obstructed for decades built, who went to see her National Guardsmen and get briefed on the surge by commanders on the ground in Iraq long before Obama, who actually visited them in the hospital in Germany is more qualified than both of your candidates put together!

Comment by American Elephant


I acknowledge that politics is a rough business, but there is also an extreme double-standard at work. Barack Obama has been given kid glove treatment by the press. But more than that, there has been a long standing rule that the children of candidates are off limits. And rumors that Governor Palin’s baby, Trig, was actually her daughters baby, which were rampant, as well as some of the other unfounded, and unsupported rumors, are simply beyond the pale. Another journalistic standard that seems to fall by the wayside whenever Republican candidates are concerned, is verifying information before publishing it. Indeed, when Republicans are concerned, the press has shown many times over that they are willing to manufacture false charges themselves.

Comment by American Elephant

I now have the button on my blog’s sidebar. I’m learning things I never thought I would know.

Thanks for the help.

The widget interface was not working consistently. I had to do a forced refresh/reload of the page several times in the process. I also had connectivity issues.

Keep up the good work!

Comment by renaissanceguy


I think its great that you are supporting them! I like everything I have seen about Governor Palin so far, but I do want to get to know her better. One thing is certain, however — she is easily more qualified than Obama.

And I see you have already got your button up. Good job!

Comment by American Elephant

I love how you throw up “talking points” all the time. I have no reason to waste my time speaking if all I am going to say is various talking points. These are facts and just because you say they are talking points that does not change the facts. Barack Obama is not my candidate either but it is extremely obvious that Palin is not qualified for the job and that doesn’t even have anything to do with Obama. The fact is that if Mccain were to die Palin is in no way ready to lead our country. I don’t think that Mccain actually believes that Palin is qualified either, she is nothing but a politicl move.

Comment by Shane

I think the reason leftists are ripping Palin apart based on nothing is the same reason they want Obama for president based on no voting record: ignorance and group think. More than any other constituency, extreme liberals are the most impractical and idealistic to a fault—-which explains why so many of them support socialism (and other economic ideas that don’t work). They want the government to take care of them but have no concept of where the money ultimately comes from (The government is not Jesus, people—it can’t take one person’s $15 in healthcare taxes and magically multiply it to cover your $1,500 procedure). And those are just the honest ones. They don’t want war but they’ve never had to fight for life. The want laws which support and legalize their morality because they don’t get a sense of solidarity from any personal belief in God (not all liberals, but a good many atheists I’ve met fit this far-left description). They want to turn our government into a religion or a charity rather than a system that exists to keep individuals free, to protect our rights, so that we can make our OWN decisions and investments. They’re not individuals—they’re a group, and they like it that way. They communicate simple ideas to uneducated voters through labels and cliches. They will continue to put their faith in other human beings to manage their money even though they know what kind of screwed-up, selfish world we live in. Totally impractical.
I can’t tell you how many Obama supporters I’ve heard say something along the lines of “I like the way he speaks” in defending their choice. The WAY he speaks, not what he says; that is the main thing I hear. It’s the man, not the issues. Well yeah, free health care sounds great. Who’s paying for it? Oh, the rich? Well, they can afford it. Too bad they can’t afford to create as many new jobs, spend as much into the economy, or give as much to charities, now. Anybody ever done research on percentages of charitable donations from upper class Americans?

Anyway, these leftist folks probably aren’t even bothering to research Sarah Palin before they attack her, since it’s a popularity contest anyway. They’re all part of this big, fat, ignorant team—and that team is sticking together, even if they’re wrong.

ESPECIALLY when they’re wrong.

Comment by karla d.

Yes, they are very clearly talking points — and inaccurate ones at that. I’ve read them myself on the DailyKos, the Huffington Post, the NYT and Talking Points Memo. You were told what to say and you parrot it like the mindless lemming you are.

And yes, its very clear you think yourself clairvoyant. You know that McCain believes Palin isn’t qualified, you know that he doesn’t know Palin (but you do), you know that he doesn’t know what drives her (but you do), you know that he doesn’t know who she is “underneath” the marketing (but you do), you know that he doesnt know what she “could contribute” to the VP office (but you do), you know that he doesn;t know her “actual record” (which is much more impressive than anything Barack Obama has done) but you do, and you know that “Karl Rove types” chose her and not McCain, even though you also say you know his motivations for making this “crass, cynical” choice.

It’s amazing how much more thoroughly you have been able to vet Sarah Palin and yet you’ve not only never met her, you’ve never spoken to her, and other than a very short acceptance speech, never even heard her speak.

You are a self parody.

It’s like so much that the Republicans have done for eight years and longer—making choices with the gravest possible consequences based largely on political expediency.

It is laughable how you liberals project!

Republicans made the grave choice to go to war with Iraq with the support and authorization of the majority of both houses of congress and majorities of both parties and with the support of 32 nations based on the prevailing intelligence of not only our own, but all the worlds intelligence communities, only AFTER having given Saddam the opportunity to comply. The whole war could have been avoided if he had. But he didnt, which gave us all the more reason to believe he was harboring WMD. And every investigation since has vindicated Republicans, concluding that they were following the prevailing intelligence.

Democrats agreed. But then they changed their minds when things got rough as they have in every war we have ever been in, and they began undermining the war they approved for NOTHING but political expediency. They demanded a new strategy, but when they got a new strategy they tried to undermine it. But it succeeded despite all their concentrated efforts to declare it a failure and the war lost and despite their trying to paint the commanding general as a traitor and a liar — undermining their own nation for NOTHING but political expediency.

Its exactly why John McCains campaign slogan is “Country First” and its precisely why its got Democrats so pissed, because they know its true! Its exactly why Joe Lieberman is supporting John McCain and not his own party — because he knows it.

Comment by American Elephant

Very well said Karla! Youre absolutely right.

Comment by American Elephant

I don’t think that anyone actually takes Lieberman serious. He talks of his own party but what does that even mean. Lieberman has always been a middle man and that’s the way he likes it. He’s developed an image that he’s a swing vote or middle man. He plays into this role just like he did in 2000.

The Iraq war was an illegal war from the beginning so I won’t even get into that. The information is all available to the public now so there is now reason for me to project my opinion.

I honestly don’t care how much time McCain put into Palin before he made his choice. I’m not even that concerned with her record because that is not what really matters. I’m concerned with her extreme right wing stance on so many issues. If you look over my first statement you will see that I clearly state what I think really matters.

Comment by Shane

If we don’t get back to the moral values of life & have a nation under God this world will be so wicked in 20 yrs. it won’t be worth living in! My heart goes out to those that think anything goes! God Bless

Comment by Cindy Walker

I love how the Republican party immediately call all personal attacks “sexist” and “unfair,” yet the conservative base blasted Obama for affiliation to a preacher in a church that he now is not affiliated to, and attacks various other things about his past.

Comment by torgeson

I don’t know who you are but I certainly for will proudly display this button and make my support known. I just finished watching her speech and beleive she was gracious in her comments about obamma your mamma, by far in conparision of the attacks this LADY has taken.

Comment by chuck seevers

What is most amazing is the thick hypocrisy underlying these stories. Liberals have championed privacy for decades. Now, because the family happens to be Republican and conservative, privacy means nothing. Liberals have championed teen sex, condoms in schools, teen abortion, etc. for decades. Now when a girl gets pregnant at a young age, they pretend to discover the same family values they’ve spit on for years.

Apparently, it’s best to simply abandon family values because it’s possible you might fall short of your values.

Meanwhile, Obama’s relationship with a terrorist, a slumlord, a racist pastor, a racist priest, and a brother living in a hut in poverty, aren’t all that important. No, much more significant is a teenager who had sex and became pregnant all in hopes of ruining her mother. Fortunately Bristol is keeping her baby, displaying much more maturity than any of her liberal, two-faced critics.

Good responses, American Elephant. Keep up the good work.

Comment by tsfiles

Anyone who likes The Twilight Zone has to be cool. 🙂

Comment by tsfiles

There is a big difference between criticizing Obama for associating with a racist, America hating, marxist Church and pastor for 20 years, and spreading rumors that Palin’s son is really her 17 year old daughter’s.

And yes, it is sexist to suggest Palin has no business running for VP because she has small children when no one suggests Barack Obama should not run because he has small children.


Thank you. And I agree, her speech was very good.


And lets not forget the hypocrisy of their new found admiration for stay at home mothers!

And those are Twilight Zone radio shows. They are all great fun.

Comment by American Elephant

tsfiles, Privacy means nothing when you are running for VP. It is absurd to think that we should just turn the other way. I wouldn’t personally care if she had twenty children, that’s not the issue. But it is perfectly legitimate to wonder if she can handle taking on a job that she will need some training with, and still handle a newborn with special needs.
Nobody is saying she should not have had the child but maybe she shouldn’t be taking on so many responsibilities when she already has so many.

tsfiles, I won’t even respond to what you said about Obama because it is only trash talk and not a constructed statement. It seems you forgot how much attention was put on Obama when the preacher story broke, and that wasn’t even directly related to Obama.
And just for the record. I agree with Obama’s “racist pastor”.

There are plenty of things that “liberals” could bring up to bash McCain, but don’t. What about John McCain and his involvement in the Savings and Loan crisis of the early 90’s. McCain is the only senate member involved in the scandal that is still a member of the senate. What about Cynthia McCain’s vicodin and percocet addiction. What about how Cynthia claims to be an only child even though she has two half sisters/brothers. You know that if these things were true about Obama they would be sure to bring it up.

I will right more in depth when I have tim e

Comment by Shane

Cindy, your statements are in direct conflict with the constitution. You can see how well governments work under god if you make a trip to the middle east.

Comment by Shane

I don’t think that anyone actually takes Lieberman serious [sic]

The people of his state do. He was re-elected by a large majority of them.

The Iraq war was an illegal war from the beginning so I won’t even get into that.

Absolutely patently FALSE!

The gulf war never ended. We have been at war with Iraq ever since. Saddam was only allowed to remain in power under strict conditions of a cease fire he signed, and every provision of which he was in violation of.

As if that weren’t enough, which it is, he also was firing on our legal, UN sanctioned patrols of his non-sovereign airspace on a daily basis. An act of war in and of itself.

See, you liberals repeat talking points over and over to the point where you believe them despite the fact that they are demonstrably false.

Comment by American Elephant

Great. I can’t wait to wear these around with my Johnston “Country First” confederate t-shirt

Comment by 2.0 Weblogs

I’ve posted about this at my blog, and written an article for Mommy Track’ in their Around the Watercooler section.

Thanks for the button!!!!

Comment by Amy @ Milk Breath & Margaritas

Cindy, what you posted is the exact reason why, despite the few ways I agree with Republicans, I will never vote for them.

Comment by Ryan

American Elephant, the problem is that you are stating an opinion about why we went to war but there are criterias that must be met to go to war and they were not. So technically this war is illegal as it was on day one. It’s not like we’ve made this up since then. I was one of the thousands on the street in 2003 who knew that this war did not meet the criteria for a lawful invasion.

Comment by Shane

Actually Shane,

It is you who are stating an opinion, and your opinion is contradicted by the facts. I know you WISH the war were illegal, but it simply is not.

1. The Gulf War, a perfectly legal war, never ended. Fact. There was a cease fire, signed by the coalition, and by Iraq. There was never an end to the war. A cease fire, surrender, truce are separate legal definitions and a cease fire is not an end to a war. We were legally occupying Iraq and patrolling their skies. This is not just historical fact, this is also the official legal state. Saddam violated every condition of the cease fire and we were legally entitled to continue the war and remove him as a result.

2. Saddam also shot at our aircraft which were legally patrolling Iraq’s skies. This in and of itself is an act of war which makes the current war legal.

3. The constitution gives the power to declare war to the congress. The constitution does not require that any specific language be used. Congress authorized the war throough the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), so the claims that the war isn’t constitutional are false as well.

You can wish the war to be illegal til you are blue in the face, but that doesn’t make it so. The fact is that it is entirely legal and entirely constitutional, always has been, always will be. Get over it.

Comment by American Elephant

As a registered Independent, I am proud to say that McCain/Palin have my vote. This will be the first time I have voted Republican. I am tired of Obamas “red-carpet” “Hollywood” politics. I dont believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I wish he would seriously look at the bigger picture-making real change for the people and this wonderful country we live in-NOT making history for himself. I hope McCain/Palin put this young and naive showboat in his place. Kudos to those who can remove themselves from the hoopla and focus on the candidate that is truly concerned with the real issues. One that actually cares about his country right now, and not his place in the history books.

Comment by Erik

Thanks for the McCain-Palin cyberbutton – I love it – it’s classy and elegant – I will definitely make and wear this one and tell my friends. Not surprised at the media field day with Palin – in my journalism college days, the emphasis was on “responsible journalism” – time for a change.

Comment by Judi


Thanks for stopping by. I don’t believe a word that comes out of Obama’s mouth either.


You’re welcome. If you’re actually going to make a real button from it with a button maker, I can email the graphic without the highlights and shadows. They may make it look like a real button on a monitor, but they would look pretty odd on a real laminated button.

And I’m accustomed to the media’s bias, even blatant bias, but their attacks on Palin are beyond the pale.

Comment by American Elephant

where can I get a Karl Rove button?

Comment by bob

Why would you want one, Bob? Karl Rove isn’t running for anything, nor is he part of any campaign. He is working for Fox News at present. If you are thinking of him as some kind of evil genius, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Comment by The Elephant's Child

I got so fed up with the media anyone with a brain could see what they were trying to do I would even post comments for McCain and Palin but they would never get posted Being a independent I planned on voting for McCain anyway Sarah was a plus I think the democrats are scared and jealous read where Hillary wants to go against Palin she should watch herself it could hurt her in the future one would think she would be tired of being used by the democrats this could hurt her more than she knows anyway what gives her the right she didnt get picked for VP

Comment by Diana Z Gilson

Hey MaCain/Palin supporters-let us allow the hoopla the Obama/Biden campaign is throwing around not get us all bent out of shape. We have better things to do than to squabble with these guys. Lets continue telling everyone, everywhere what MaCain/Palin are all about, and lets get them into office. The Obama camp is only coming back because it’s politics. They want us to get angry and fight, so we take more time arguing and less time spreading the message. We know who can get the job done-we know who will not leave us with empty promises. Let them squabble-
Let’s get our team elected-we can think for oursleves.

Comment by Erik

Correction- McCain

Comment by Erik

Earlier today, I was asked by a former statewide College Republicans chairman about obtaining McCain/Palin materials… He hasn’t had any luck, with several sources (considering we are in Illinois, that might be the reason!). When I saw this entry’s title, in your sidebar, I was therefore a little interested.

But “free” web button? Couldn’t we pull that off a bunch of places online? Then again… The second sentence of your entry just gave me an idea – Can we ‘customize’ the button, to make it a “McCain/Palin” ticket?

If only it was that way!!! 🙂

Comment by Aakash

This is a fantastic blog and great discussion going on. I got here via a search for a McCainPalin button, so I am taking yours. Thanks.

I have conservative Republican views and truly appreciate your wording and your facts without mud-slinging.

I agree and find it tragic how the media embraces and coddles the Democratic party in their interviews and coverage, yet looks to destroy the Republican party or catch them in a misquote or other such trap constantly. We all mispeak. We all have problems remembering something we said in the past. And you know what, we learn from what we said or did and we sometimes change our minds on things. I would certainly hate to think someone would or could bring up and throw into my face in front of a large public audience something I said a few years ago that I 1) can’t remember and 2)might have changed my mind or stance on based on current news and events. Isn’t that to be expected. Rather, the media loves to find these things of Republican candidates and catch them in an ambush interview.

Also, being from Illinois, I can tell you Barak Obama has little interest for this state outside of Chicago much like our terrible governor. It is sad for me to live in such a state that largely votes people into office based on liberal Chicago views. I have heard him refer to our downstate farmers as “people who base their beliefs on the one or two radio stations they may get one being Evangelical Christian and one being country.” Umm, thanks genius boy. My state voted you in. How about a little respect instead for the other few million peoole that live OUTSIDE the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Anyway, I am bookmarking you and I will be back.


Comment by Angie @ Keep Believing

Does anyone know where I could find HTML code to put a button in my email signature? It won’t let me just use the JPEG image…

Comment by Tara

Thanks Angie for the kind words, and welcome to American Elephants! I’m very glad you will be coming back!

Hailing from Washington state, I feel your pain. It is much the same here. The rest of the state is moderate to conservative but liberal Seattle turns the State deep blue.

Comment by American Elephant


Thats a great idea to use the button in a signature! But i’ve never used a signature in my email so I can’t tell you how to do it. You might try checking the “help” tab in your email program, and look up signatures.

Comment by American Elephant

i want free buttons. how do i obtain them?

Comment by bonnie

I dont know where you can get a free real button Tara, the best place to check would be your local McCain/Palin campaign office. I supect they will have free lapel-stickers and not free buttons due to the higher cost to produce buttons, but it doesnt hurt to ask.

Comment by American Elephant

I am a flight attendant who recently flew into Anchorage. I took advantage of my layover to talk to the locals and business owners about how they honestly felt about their governor, Sarah Palin. Out of everyone, not one had a negative thing to say about her. In fact, they so greatly admire her, that it left me more than proud that I had already chosen the McCain ticket even prior to her being chosen as our next VP. FYI: I’m about sick of hearing how McCain “didn’t know her, or had only talked to her once before choosing her.” He is incredibly smart and the best candidate for our current crisis in Iraq. There was something obviously in Sarah that the rest of the world might not know yet, but that he’d seen. He’s no idiot. There are many reasons as to why he chose her. They will soon be available to all of us.

Now, back to my visit to Alaska…the neighborhood that I was in was a bit rundown, yet the business owners and workers all told me that she made her way through their businesses to talk to the employees and tell them how much they were valued. There wasn’t a person that she would ignore or shake their hand. The only issue that I had was that there wasn’t one button or bumper sticker close by or at the airport to purchase. The only excuse I got was that everything had happened so fast. I was later told that they are available in other parts of town. So Anchorage, spread the bounty. Show the world just how much you love your governor!!

Comment by Kimberly Flynn


I believe I would rather have an un-experienced VICE president who can learn from the PRESIDENT as opposed to haveing an UN-EXPERIENCED PRESIDENT who will learn from whom……? We don’t want to learn from his mistakes while he is getting his experience and learning the issues.

No one outside the campaign really knows what who knows about what or whom.

Comment by Me

I two am glad McCain picked Sara Palin, now that is change. She’s not the Washington Idiots (do as I say not as I do) I also resent the fact that on Newsweek they said she is one of them. Who is one of them , the taxpayers that pay these stupid idiots to do a job that they never do. They voted for the bail out which no one wanted them to do. The other fact is Sara isn’t quilified then who in the hell voted Nancy Pelosi in as house speaker, she really shows she isn’t qualified. Oh that’s right she’s a Dumocrate, sorry I forgot. I believe Washington is afraid of Sara not just because she knows how to handle a gun but because I believe she will not take their crap and will let the people of the USA know it. So this momma will vote for the maverick and the pitbull in Nov.

Comment by baracuda

Sorry, in my comment above, I meant:

But a “free” web button? Couldn’t we pull that off a bunch of places online? Then again… The second sentence of your entry just gave me an idea – Can we ‘customize’ the button, to make it a “PALIN – McCAIN” ticket?

If only it was that way!!! 🙂

Comment by Aakash


It’s funny to read about you guys and how your upset about Barack Obama’s popularity. Just because he doesnt speak like an idiot like George W. Bush does all of a sudden he is just lying. Listen to John McCain Flip Flop on the issues. Listen to Sarah Palin get confused about what exactly the Bush Doctrine is. McCain voted with Bush 92% of the time but then again I suppose that you fools are the 27% of America that approves Bush and his destruction of America.

As far as Sarah Palin being popular in Alaska… OBVIOUSLY the Alaskans love her because she supports petroleum exploration and the more oil that is drilled the more cash that the Alaskans get in their government check. I’ve been to Alaska and if that is Real America then i don’t know what the lower 48 is.


Comment by McSame Failin 2008


You represent one of the greatest dangers to America — ignorant people who erroneously believe themselves informed.

Actually, go to YouTube, and search for Obama unscripted, or Obama without teleprompter, and you’ll see that compared to him, George Bush is a genius.

Secondly, Obama is lying because Obama is lying. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else. He is simply a liar and it can be proven.

Secondly, I am confident Sarah Palin knows a great deal more about the Bush Doctrine than you do. Most importantly she knows that there at least four distinct Bush Doctrines, there are about six Bush Doctrines. The first Bush Doctrine, according the the same man who coined the phrase was “ABM, Kyoto, and the New American Unilateralism”, at various times in the past eight years, the phrase has been used to describe several other Bush policies. The next being the “you are with us or against us” policy that the United States will regard any nation that supports or harbors terrorism as a hostile regime. What Charlie Gibson claimed was “THE” Bush Doctrine was acutally the third Bush Doctrine, that of pre-emptive attack to protect America when warranted, and the current definition of the Bush Doctrine, that defense of the United States in the long term requires supporting and advancing democracy abroad is the most accurate of all. So Sarah Palin’s question when asked if she supports the Bush Doctrine was the most appropriate response… she asked in what regard. Palin was better informed than Gibson, and most certainly better informed than you and the rest of Obama’s supporters.

In regards to her popularity, your comment just doesn’t fly. EVERY Alaskan politician is in favor of exploration, and none have or do enjoy the type of popularity she does. I’ve been to Alaska many times, and it most certainly is real America, much more so than any major city — which all vote the same way because urban residents are overwhelmingly young, unmarried, don’t own property, don’t have children and are woefully ignorant of politics, policy, history, economics and civics.

You appear to fit right in.

Comment by American Elephant

Their motives are obvious: Palin is an energetic and attractive woman who just might pick up some disgruntled Hillary supporters. She’s a westerner and a hunter who might appeal to rural voters.

Comment by Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

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