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McCain/Palin Get More Viewers than Obama by Emerald City Elephant

John McCain and Sarah Palin at Republican National Convention

The press was simply giddy when Barack Obama’s convention speech attracted more viewers than any convention speech ever has. He had more viewers, they told us, than the Oscars, the finale of American Idol or the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Good for him.

The question is, will they be as excited that both Sarah Palin and John McCain’s speeches each attracted even more viewers than Obama?

I won’t hold my breath.

More than 41 million viewers tuned in to Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech, making it not only the most viewed acceptance speech in history, bigger than the Oscars, bigger than the Olympics and bigger than American Idol, but bigger than the Obamessiah — and nearly twice as many viewers as Joe Biden.

Indeed, new polling shows that Sarah Palin is more popular than Obama or McCain.

But Palin wan’t the only one to attract more viewers than Obama, so did John McCain:

Across all broadcast networks Thursday, Sen. McCain’s speech ended the night with a 4.8 rating/7 share, compared to Sen. Obama’s 4.3/7 average, according to overnight numbers from metered households in 55 U.S. markets measured by Nielsen.

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The reason so many people saw Mccain’s speech is because it came on NBC right after the NFL season opener. It’s not rocket science, and it has nothing to do with Mccain being more popular, or making any sense at all.


Comment by Tim Weaver

Mrs Palin had more viewers because:

1. She is a lady of outstanding character, and moral standing… a beacon of light.
2. She is real, honest and speaks with conviction and with life experience.
3. She practices what she preaches.
4. She has the approval of the majority, and God.

God bless you McCain and Palin. May you be the greatest, most respected, and most powerful presidential team in the history of the world.


Comment by CHris

Sorry Tim,

New polls show Obama’s convention bounce is disappearing or gone, they show the race tied, and they show John McCain is just as popular as Barack Obama — and that is before the polls even reflect reaction to the Republican convention and McCain’s speech.

Also, a new Rassmussen poll shows Sarah Palin is MORE popular than Barack Obama. And she and McCain will only get more popular as Barack sounds more and more desperate and shrill and pathetic.

He is running on his “judgment” and he just admitted to Bill O’Reilley that his judgment was flat wrong on the most important issue of the last 6 years.

And America hasnt even begun to hear about his relationship with terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, his corrupt dealings with Tony Rezko, his corrupt tactics in his previous campaings, his affiliation with corrupt Acorn and how he has been hiding contributions to them, not to mention Joe Biden’s corruption being lobbied by his family.


Comment by American Elephant


I think Governor Palin had more viewers because people were curious, especially given how viscious the attacks against her have been. I think she appears to be a very good person and an outstanding candidate, and she certainly has accomplished a great deal, but I also don’t know her well enough yet to vouch for her to the extent you do, and I certainly wouldnt presume to speak for God.

Remember, she is a politician. I think its wise to remain skeptical of all politicians until they have proven themselves. Perhaps you have been familiar with Palin longer than I, but I think one week is not enough time to assess any candidate with that degree of certainty.


Comment by American Elephant

Her speech has gotten over 30 million views on the FOX website, too.

It’s about comparison. If the press wants to make a big deal of Obama’s ratings, then what do they say about McCain’s and Palin’s?


Comment by renaissanceguy

I’m guessing not much.


Comment by American Elephant

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