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I’ll bet you didn’t know this about Sarah Palin! by The Elephant's Child

Sarah Palin has always been a runner.  She says that her parents were marathoners, and coached high school track, so it was a family affair.  She is still trying to get back to her old routine of running 7 to 10 miles every day according to the Wall Street Journal, but since giving birth she is only running 3 miles every other day.

Governor Palin is also the Commander-in Chief of the Alaska National Guard, something she shares with other governors.  However Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system.  The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

Nearly 250 Alaska Guardsmen came from all over the country to serve in the 49th Missile Defense Battalion. Getting into the program is not easy, and passing the extensive training required is tough.  Applicants go through nine to 14 weeks of air defense training at Fort Bliss, Texas; a nine-week Ground Missile Defense operator course in Colorado Springs; then four more weeks of unit training in Colorado Springs before taking a certification test.

Major Joe Miley, the operations officer, explains that on order, they would fire an interceptor at the incoming missile in midcourse phase, which would destroy the target before it reentered the atmosphere.  Stationed at Fort Greely, about 150 miles southeast of Fairbanks, it’s a tough place to live and logistically support.  Winter temperatures, for example, can drop to 75 degrees below zero.

In the last 20 years, more countries are actually having intercontinental ballistic missiles, the number has increased from six nations to more than 20.  And the number of test launches has increased every year.  Training is continuous to keep skills sharp.  This is serious national defense.

Alaskan governors deal with a lot more national and international security issues than most do.  There is a lot of military in Alaska.  Sarah is briefed on highly classified security measures, homeland security and counterterrorism.  Russia is only a few miles away, and interested in claiming all of the Arctic for its energy reserves.  She also negotiated a pipeline deal with Canada.  And they were saying about her inexperience…

Our Sarah Palin has pretty sharp skills as well.

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Can’t wait until this info gets out to the public more. Obama and Biden are looking more stupid all the time.


Comment by Rockyspoon

She is a tool


Comment by Evans

Brilliant rejoinder Evans. No doubt an Obama supporter.


Comment by American Elephant

Wow – Brilliant spin. But, I don’t buy it.


Comment by Jojo's Circus

Sorry, not spin. The Wall Street Journal and Defense Link are impeccable sources. We do try to source the information we put out here carefully, and if we make mistakes, we fess up.

We are partisan, and readily admit it, but we are also sticklers for the truth, and don’t accept just anything that appears on the internet. A position I would recommend to others.


Comment by The Elephant's Child


Sarah has more experience in her left pinkie than Obama


Comment by sarah supporter

I remain unconvinced of her integrity as many of her “maverick” actions as quoted in her address to the RNC have been uncovered as outright lies (Didn’t support bridge to nowhere) or misstatements (The infamous ebay jet). She seems to be in lockstep with McCain and Bush. Where are the new ideas? Does she have experience? Certainly. Is her experience relevant? Mostly. Could she lead? Possibly. Would our national direction change for the better? Doubtful.


Comment by Rsbolo

Sorry Rsbolo, Palin hasn’t lied about anything. The only liars are the Democrats saying she lied.

I suggest you read Yes, Palin Did Stop That Bridge and watch Democrat Senator, Presidential Candidate, Mike Gravel, Praises Palin.


Comment by American Elephant

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