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Yes, Sarah Palin has Commander in Chief Experience! by American Elephant

Contrary to the yarn Democrats and their propaganda division (aka, the “mainstream” media) are furiously spinning for you, Sarah Palin has commanded the military in Alaska, and she was great at it! In this interview by Greta Van Suteren, Major General Craig Campbell, head of the Alaska National Guard praises Sarah Palin’s leadership as the last frontier’s Commander in Chief:

It’s kind of like being a “community organizer”, except with real responsibilities, and with missiles! (And none of that ACORN vote fraud crap.)

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National Guard experience is in no way comparable to actual military service, and in no way adds to the seriously thin resume of Sarah Palin


Comment by tazlmo

Oh boy this is convincing…this is pathetic…she’s still trying to find out where the restrooms are in the State House? Lets face it, if Sarah wore pants, no one would pick her…


Comment by strider333

No one is suggesting it is comparable to military experience. It however IS Commander in Chief experience, and her abilities are very highly praised by the military she commanded.

It’s kind of like being a “community organizer” except with real responsibility, real executive decisions and without all that vote fraud that ACORN, the organization that Obama “organized” for, has been found guilty of.


Comment by American Elephant

Hmm, military officers that she commanded praising her leadership? Thats hardly pathetic. Whats pathetic is thinking a “community organizer” is even remotely qualified to be President.


Comment by American Elephant

But. but, umm, err, uhh Barry has an imaginary uncle who helped liberate Auschwitz. The GOP better watch out!

Best not remind him that Russian forces were there first to demarcate it, oh and that he has no relatives that has ever served in the military.


Comment by Ron

Of course he has to praise her, otherwise she’d get him fired one way or another! This dangerous Palin would “perhaps” invade Russia without blinking. What kind of experienced politicians say that on national TV?! [insert joke1 here]

This person would say anything to get elected. She was in Iraq but now she was only in Kuwait. She for the Bridge to nowhere b4 she was against. [Joke2]

If Obama is not fit to be commander in chief, why would deployed veterans donate 6-times more money to his campaign than McCain?! 6 times!

Whilst you’re on executive capacity, Obama ran a smooth campaign that won 18 million votes, beating even the most admired political establishment. Beat that!

FYI, Obama’s grandpa Stanley Dunham was a WWII veteran and his grandma Ann Dunham worked on a bomber assembly line in Kansas.


Comment by Ed

Oh boy Ed, if those are the best reasons to vote for Obama, hes even less qualified than I thought. I dont need to “insert jokes here” Ed, your post is a joke all by itself:

1. She didnt say she would invade Russia. She said Georgia should be in NATO which means we would have to come to their defense. And what kind of inexperienced politician would say such a thing on TV? John McCain, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama have all said the same thing, they have exactly the same policy on Georgia, but as Rudy Guiliani pointed out at the RNC, Obama floundered around for days before finally settling on the policy John McCain stated on the first day of the invasion.

2. No, General Campbell didnt have to say anything, In fact it is common military custom to not say anything. He went out of his way to praise Palin.

3. She was for the bridge before she was against it, but she is the one and the only one responsible for pulling the project. An earmark that both Obama and Biden voted for by the way.

4. Deployed veterans is an oxymoron. And the answer to your question is a tiny amount of military personell made donations to either party and yes, most of those were to Obama. He still isnt going to come anywhere near winning the military vote. I remember libs saying Kerry was going to win the military vote too. That never happened either. And finally, McCain wasnt getting anywhere near as much in donations before Palin joined the ticket. I believe he is out raising Obama now among the general population, let alone the military. Come back in November. Obama will lose the military vote just as Kerry did, just as Gore did, just as Democrats always do.

5. Actually Obama is running a flailing, inept campaign. Hillary was getting more votes at the end of the primary, and in a year that everyone assumed was a Democrat shoe-in he is currently losing. So I dont need to “beat that” both Hillary and McCain already have and are.

6. My grandfather was a doctor. Are you ready for me to perform surgery on you?

And while we’re on the subject of Obama’s family, his brother is living in abject poverty on $12 a YEAR in a shack in Kenya. So much for being his “brother’s keeper”

But I thank you for providing further proof that Obama supporters are just as unqualified to vote as their candidate is to lead.


Comment by American Elephant

Oh really.

1. She said “perhaps yes”. Pledging support for Georgia’s NATO membership is quite different from going on the record to perhaps starting WW3. But I guess it’s not surprising, since McCain himself is fine with “bomb bomb bomb Iran”. Honestly, I did once think McCain’s military experience amount to something, but that was before he confused the role of Sunni with Shia muslims, before him saying that Iran was training Al-Qaeda on TV. 8 years of Bush are worse enough, but obviously the real show could just be around the corner. I hope that by the time Palin get close enough to that RED button, she will be able to pronounce the word “nuclear” properly.

3. So McCain should “reform” Palin, who has asked $27M earmarks for Wasilla and $450M earmarks for Alaska as well as money to studying animal DNA? Or may be Palin should “reform” McCain on his use of lobbyists to manage his campaign, on stem cells, on abortion in case of rape/incest, on Tax cuts for oil companies, on the use of force inside Pakistan, on his opposition to drilling in ANWR?

They are perfect for each other isn’t is, as McCain “wasn’t a mayor for a short period of time” or “a governor for a short period of time”, and Palin doesn’t have a “big, fat resume” showing “decades and decades in that Washington establishment”.

4. If deployed veterans is an oxymoron, than the whole military is an oxymoron, according to you.

5. To say the least, the Obama campaign has never gone/almost gone into the red, unlike McCain or Hilary. Looking at the trillions of debt Bush brought in, perhaps budget management isn’t important in your party. Only republicans would belittle the largest grassroots movement in the history of American presidential politics. Although I should thank Palin for energizing the left and bringing in an unprecedented number of volunteers and donors to Obama.

6. It was an answer to “Ron”.

I now start to understand why republicans are mostly attracting the redneck votes. If you can’t get to the people who think (and blink), try to capture those who don’t. Go primal. Tab into their fear. It worked for Bush, right? But it’s now 2008. Welcome to the future.


Comment by Ed

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