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We may be in for 20 or 30 years of increasingly cold weather. by The Elephant's Child

It is helpful to keep an eye on Britain, for many of the problems that they currently face are problems that we could face in the near future.  An important example is the extent to which Britain has indulged Green  notions in British climate and energy policy.

Britain’s old electricity generating nuclear and coal fired power stations, which generate a third of the country’s energy, are due to close down in the next twelve years. The current political situation makes it difficult to rely on imported gas or oil.  Professor Ian Fells, emeritus professor of Energy Conversion at the University of Newcastle, and a noted expert on nuclear energy, has said that Britain will face regular power cuts lasting long enough to delay operations in hospitals, close down schools and bring cities to a standstill.

Professor Fells says that “Security of energy supply must be seen as taking priority over everything else, even climate change.”  His September 17th report, commissioned by industrialist Andrew Cook, said that renewables will not fill the impending energy gap, so old nuclear and coal plants must be kept going while new ones are built urgently.

Environmentalists were outraged at the recommendations in the report.  Greenpeace chief scientist Doug Parr said “Professor Fells has a long standing love affair with the technologies of the 20th century, but as time goes by his fetish for coal and nuclear power looks increasingly naive.”

That simple exchange, complete with sneers and outrage, succinctly describes the current state of affairs in Britain.  Unfortunately, it is not too far from the current situation in our own congress.

It is hard to tell just what lurks in the mind of a leftist.  Are they convinced that if we do not stop producing carbon dioxide — the colorless, odorless gas that we exhale every time we breathe, one of the essentials of life — the planet will suddenly heat up beyond our capacity to endure?  Are they totally unaware that it stopped warming ten years ago, and has actually been cooling for seven years?

The sun has gone quiet.  No sunspots for over a month.  Scientists have shown that what warming there has been over the past century correlates closely with the activity of the sun.  But environmentalists are not interested in the sun, they are interested in SUVs.

The lack of environmental interest in recent studies in climate change is notable. It suggests that they are not nearly as interested in climate change as they claim to be.

Power can be generated by windmills when the wind blows at the right speed.  When the wind is too strong, or too weak, or doesn’t blow at all, which is frequent, that wind power must be backed up by some other form of energy.  Natural gas is the most desirable, because it can be shut off quickly when the wind starts blowing again. But natural gas is a fossil fuel, and to obtain it, you must drill.

Windmills chew up a fair number of birds and bats, arms break and fly off — there are all kinds of details that just don’t get discussed.  In many places more energy is needed in the summer when air conditioners are running full tilt. The wind blows more in the winter. In America, only a tiny percentage of electricity demand is generated by wind.  But, as they say, hope springs eternal.

The problem is that more people die from cold than from heat.  And England can get very cold.  Oh well. It will all work out, won’t it?


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If the planet has been getting colder, why is the North Pole melting at a record rate. You’re making things up…


Comment by robinatrb

First, you realize that though the temperature has remained about the same throughout the past 10 years that the CO2 levels have still been increasing. Obviously more CO2 means more greenhouse effect, so though other things are causing the earth to be the same temperature now (this actually happens about every 30-50 years, it doesn’t heat or cool consistently but rather goes up for a while then for a short while goes back down a bit) it will be raising in temperature in the future. All the top climatologists agree about this, most of the top scientists do also. Decades of scientific study shows this is the case.


Comment by Ben

What I find saddest about the leftist-environmentalist’s reasoning and wish to return to the days of almost 0 carbon footprint, is that most of them would never survive it, if they actually had to rough it out over an extended period of time. I don’t even know how my kids could handle it. My wife, maybe…me, as an avid fan of survival and the outdoors would put my money against any environmentlaist when it comes to how long I’ll survive….besides, where will their preaching pulpit be, when they cant use all the 20th century technologies to get their word out to the sheepish masses?


Comment by Mike Lovell

Scientists have calculated that attempting to eliminate 80% of our “carbon footprint” would take us back to the 19th century, and a living standard comparable to Haiti or Somalia. And all for nothing. Carbon dioxide is a good thing that makes plants grow, and helps us feed hungry people. It is a natural fertilizer. Of course we could all hold our breath.
Leftists are very big on goals, consequences — not so much.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The North Pole is NOT melting at a record rate. That is simply false. See Anthony Watts keeps track of that, and does excellent work.
Actually, Ben, the temperature has cooled enough in the last 7 years to eliminate the warming of the past century. You misunderstand the so-called “greenhouse effect”. CO2 is only a trace gas in the atmosphere representing only about .038%. CO2 increases have followed planetary warming by as much as 100 years or more, and cannot be the cause of warming. The CO2 in the atmosphere is released by the oceans. The human input is so small that it cannot really be measured. Not to worry, CO2 is a natural fertilizer and will help us to feed a hungry world.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Mike, I’m a big fan of survival shows — well, not survivor, but shows like Frontier House and 1900 House. I’d like to think I’d make it, but I’m pretty sure I’d croak.


Comment by American Elephant

I might actually have bothered watching Survivor past the first episode, if it had actually been about surviving. But getting fed every night, and only having to survive a clique-ish high school atmosphere seems hardly survivor-like to me. As for the otehr shows…I’ve never seen them, I assume they are on cable which I refuse to pay such a price for the 2 or 3 channels I might watch that arent on network tv.


Comment by Mike Lovell

Actually they were on PBS. The programs were just as they sound. Families put in a pioneer era homesteader house and a 1900 “urban” home respectively and made to survive with nothing but what was available at the time. A test as to whether a modern family could survive the way our ancestors actually lived. They were very interesting. They might even be available for rent.


Comment by American Elephant

h man… McCain talked about how he wants to fight climate change… you know who hasn’t said the word during the debate yet… I will give you a hint, the answer is Obama. Man McCain is stupid for believing in science


Comment by Ryan

McCain’s our candidate, but I don’t agree with him on everything. Both he and Obama are way off on climate. The current state of science suggests that climate change is a natural function and caused by activity of the sun and cosmic rays. The sun has gone quiet. There have been no sunspots for over a month. Most agree that we are in for at least a few years of cooler climate, some expect as much as 20 or 30 years, and some warn of another little ice age. The assessments by the UN’s IPCC have been pretty well discredited, since they are the result of computer climate models which have been proven to be flawed.

It is fascinating to see the extent to which people want to believe in catastrophe. You’d think that the idea that such climate change as we have had (remember that it was never more than one degree) is just normal fluctuation would be welcome at a minimum.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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