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Do you see the pattern yet? by American Elephant

Democrats tell the auto industry how to make cars, taxpayers foot the bill for $25 billion bail-out.

Democrats tell the mortgage industry who to loan money to, lawmakers are crafting a $700 billion bailout at taxpayer expense.

Democrats want to tell the health care industry how to practice health care…

Do you see the pattern yet?


Don’t forget the ethanol that Democrats insisted we put in our gas tanks, that is not cost effective without subsidies, contains less energy than gasoline, and is starving people in the developing world as well as raising the price of food at the grocery store.

And there is the Democrat’s insistence that we can solve all our energy problems with wind and solar, and don’t need “dirty” fossil fuels — except that wind and solar may never produce a significant amount of our energy, let alone even 10 percent, which may leave us freezing to death in the winter.

There is the banning of DDT which has caused millions of deaths from malaria in Africa and the far East which could be prevented by spraying.

Aside from the bailout for the auto industry, their past increase of CAFE standards caused the industry to make lighter cars and caused around 40 million more highway deaths each year.

And there is Nancy Pelosi’s raise in the minimum wage which meant a 20% unemployment rate for young people in some parts of the country this summer.

And there is Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory over-reaching that is making life difficult for business and driving business overseas.

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Yes, I do. And it’s very frightening.

Should Obama be elected, expect more of the same and even less of your paycheck…

It’s nice to see someone who isn’t off-the-deep-end liberal 🙂


Comment by Dara

Thanks Dara! And expect even less liberty.


Comment by American Elephant

Isn’t just wonderful? The true story of Socialism among many topics has been taken out of todays United States High School history books? Therefore, the blessed country of the U.S. of A. has been dumbed down. One must blame the parents of today for not teaching responsibility to their children. What do you expect when the childrens parents don’t take the time to vote on election day for their freedoms? Oh, I know the answer…Hillary Clinton told me long ago, “It takes a village”!


Comment by mntboy

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