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Fannie Mae’s Johnson STILL Advising Obama Campaign by American Elephant

Someone once defined character as what you do when you think no one is looking. In that case, Obama is in big trouble.

Everyone now knows scandal-ridden former Fannie Mae chairman Jim Johnson worked for Barack Obama as a financial adviser, big money bundler, and led his vice-presidential search team. The embarrassing results of that search aside, Johnson had to resign when his $7 million in sweetheart loans from Countrywide were plaguing the Obama campaign.

Since then, the housing crisis has blown up and McCain has been hammering Obama for hiring Johnson, who, at the head of Fannie Mae, profited by millions while the institution was cooking the books.

But it turns out that Johnson hasn’t stopped advising the Obama campaign at all. Apparently his being mired in two enormous scandals doesn’t bother Obama or the Democrats much. It will, however, bother Americans a great deal.

From the Politico:

Former Fannie Mae chairman Jim Johnson was dumped from Obama’s vice presidential search team, but he’s still playing a behind-the-scenes role on the campaign.

Former Senator Tom Daschle, a top Obama backer, emailed a select list this afternoon that he and Johnson would be leading a briefing intended largely for Clinton’s campaign brain trust next month.

“Jim Johnson and I have scheduled another informal breakfast discussion and update on the campaign early next month,” he wrote to a list including Senator John Kerry, James Carville, and Richard Holbrooke, as well as Clinton’s former top campaign aides, including Howard Wolfson, Geoff Garin, and Harold Ickes.

Johnson’s involvement comes at a moment when political association with the failed mortgage giants is particularly toxic. He was already the subject of a McCain ad attacking Obama.

The October third breakfast is also a mark of the continuing effort to bring the ex-Clintonites into the Obama fold.

I smell McCain commercials… At least I better!

Johnson not only stinks of corruption, but it has now rubbed off on Obama. Obama is the teenage girl who has been caught making-out with the boy her parents forbade her to see. There is simply no way to make this look innocent, because it’s so obviously not. There is no “plausible deniability”  whatsoever.

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[…] out the former Fannie Mae chairman Jim Johnson still plays a “behind-the-scenes role” in the Obama […]


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