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Navigating the Silly Season by American Elephant

Liberals not only live in their own little world, they have their own little language. It sounds the same as ours, the words and syntax familiar, but is in fact entirely different. Normal people think they are saying one thing, but they mean something else altogether.

At no time is it more important to be fluent in liberalese than election-time, when such important issues teeter in the balance.

To that end, the wise and estimable Renaissance Guy has composed a field guide to the silly season — an invaluable resource for anyone who intends to vote. I highly recommend everyone familiarize themselves with his Liberal to English Dictionary.

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apparently conservatives have their own language as well…putting country first apparently means, name an extreme novice VP in the most dangerous times we have known since WWII. And play political theatre during the worst economic crisis since the great depression.


Comment by jamesbedell

Well, you see, everyone is a “novice VP” until they have held that post long enough to become an experienced VP. Gore was a novice. GHWB was a novice. Walter Mondale was a novice. That is the meaning of the word.

But yes, putting “Country First” means, in this case, nominating someone well qualified to do the job, and John McCain has not only done so by choosing the most popular Governor in the nation, with many years of executive experience and a great list of accomplishments to her name, he has chosen someone more qualified, with more experience and more accomplishments than either the Democrat Presidential nominee or the Democrat Vice Presidential nominee. I would also note that our VP nominee, unlike yours, hasnt been wrong on virtually every foreign policy issue of our time, nor is she an embarrassing walking gaffe machine.

Putting “Country First” also means solving pressing issues is more important than trying to further ones personal career, and means actually working rather than standing by, doing nothing, and waiting for others to accomplish so one can then criticize the work one had nothing to do with. And conservatives have proudly put country first in both instances.

Apparently in liberal-ese putting “country first” means nominating a thoroughly unqualified, unexperienced and unaccomplished partisan hack on the basis of his skin color and dulcet tones alone, and that promoting oneself is more important than actually doing good for the nation.

Nice try. 🙂


Comment by American Elephant

message to those extrem liberals and american elephants alike.
Jeez, dont you get tired of spending such a vast portion of your life being partisan. I mean isn´t it boring if your ideology predicts you the correct view on every issue you could actually spend time thinking about, tells you the exact judgement on almost every issue depending on the side your party is taking… life comes in so many shades and you walk through it almost completely blind to the issues and always righteous about every issue.


Comment by Sander

“nor is she an embarrassing walking gaffe machine”
in her only interview she did not know the Bush doctrine, from then on she only let ideological soulmate Hannity talk to her. It is a bit of a travesty…


Comment by Sander

Sander, we ARE partisan, that’s why this blog is called American Elephants. And we do do our homework, reading widely before we make up our minds, including reading the Democrat’s point of view. You might try it. Read up on the history of this crisis, and how it came to be a crisis instead of just swallowing the party line.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Not to worry, Effalants. McCain already won the debate that won’t take place for 2 1/2 more hours.


Comment by helenl

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