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Henry Kissinger Responds to Obama by American Elephant

Henry Kissinger slams Obama. The Weekly Standard has the exclusive:

Henry Kissinger believes Barack Obama misstated his views on diplomacy with US adversaries and is not happy about being mischaracterized. He says: “Senator McCain is right. I would not recommend the next President of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level. My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views of my friend Senator John McCain. We do not agree on everything, but we do agree that any negotiations with Iran must be geared to reality.”

Of course McCain pretty much slammed him on the spot. Is there anyone who wasn’t reminded of Lloyd Bentsen’s famous response to Dan Quayle?

“Senator, I know Henry Kissinger, and you’re no Henry Kissinger.”

A devastating blow.

Obama: “John is Right” by American Elephant

Man that was quick. So quick in fact that they had the video out before Obama had finished praising McCain for being right. Apparently he said it 7 times total.

It’s essential to note, that while Obama has his talking points down about McCain being wrong about everything, when it comes down to the facts, Obama is forced to admit, over and over, that McCain’s position is the right one. And throughout the campaign, from the surge to meeting with foreign leaders, to going to Washington to work on the bailout, to Georgia, it has been Obama who has modified his position to match McCain’s — after which he inevitably claims that it was his position all along.

My first impression is that McCain won decisively. I was very aggravated at first as McCain seemed to be letting Obama get away with far too many lies, but as the debate wore on, it was clear that McCain was the one in command of the facts, McCain was the one who looked presidential, bipartisan, and ready to lead, while Obama came across as nasty, bitter, partisan, and as though he were reciting talking points rather than speaking from a thorough understanding and comfort with the issues.

McCain was calm cool and collected. Obama was aggitated, angry, barely civil and constantly interrupting. McCain seemed presidential, Obama seemed unprofessional. I was reminded strongly of Gore’s performance 8 years ago when he kept sighing and clicking his tongue every 2 seconds.

More to follow.

Here’s a clear explanation of the financial crisis. by The Elephant's Child

Excellent video.  It goes fast, so don’t hesitate to go back to catch things.  It’s important.

UPDATE: YouTube has taken down this video — surprise, surprise — due to a copyright claim over the music used in the background. In other words, Democrats or the Obama campaign saw the video on Drudge, called Warner Music Group CEO, Edgar Bronfman Jr. , who just happens to be a MAJOR Democrat contributor, and told them to complain.

Hopefully the producer will cut out the music and re-release it. We will re-post it if we are able to find it.

In the meantime, please watch the second, also very important video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end for a word from former president Bill Clinton on who is responsible for the current financial crisis.

UP-UPDATE: The video has been re-released, with the offending music replaced with a less-effective classical soundtrack. The sound-bite from corrupt Chris Dodd was covered over by the music. But it is the headlines and visuals that are the most important part anyway. Watch both.

(h/t: Powerline)

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