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Obama: “John is Right” by American Elephant

Man that was quick. So quick in fact that they had the video out before Obama had finished praising McCain for being right. Apparently he said it 7 times total.

It’s essential to note, that while Obama has his talking points down about McCain being wrong about everything, when it comes down to the facts, Obama is forced to admit, over and over, that McCain’s position is the right one. And throughout the campaign, from the surge to meeting with foreign leaders, to going to Washington to work on the bailout, to Georgia, it has been Obama who has modified his position to match McCain’s — after which he inevitably claims that it was his position all along.

My first impression is that McCain won decisively. I was very aggravated at first as McCain seemed to be letting Obama get away with far too many lies, but as the debate wore on, it was clear that McCain was the one in command of the facts, McCain was the one who looked presidential, bipartisan, and ready to lead, while Obama came across as nasty, bitter, partisan, and as though he were reciting talking points rather than speaking from a thorough understanding and comfort with the issues.

McCain was calm cool and collected. Obama was aggitated, angry, barely civil and constantly interrupting. McCain seemed presidential, Obama seemed unprofessional. I was reminded strongly of Gore’s performance 8 years ago when he kept sighing and clicking his tongue every 2 seconds.

More to follow.

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Wow. There must have been two debates on at the same time. The one I saw showed Obama smiling and McCain with a smirk on his face.

Obama did say, “John is right when he was,” but McCain’s the one who can work “across the aisle.” Without ever saying someone’s right. Oh yeah! McCain must have said “He just doesn’t understand” at least twenty times. I can see why he’s a leader and so easy to work with. (That’s sarcasm, Effanants!!)

McCain has spent “significant time” so many places, I bet he
hasn’t been home in years. No wonder he’s so out of touch with regular Americans.

Obama won the debate I heard. But the real challenge is November 4. 🙂


Comment by helenl

Facts? What a joke… While neither was an out and out liar, neither was on the straight and narrow… If you are going to call you one for telling lies, you need to check your facts on the other as well.


Comment by Aaron

i disagree about the cool and collected thing. Wrote a post in response —


Comment by pacer521

I disagree completely Aaron, and when the transcript is available, I will be more than happy to point out a number of blatant lies by Obama.


Comment by American Elephant


I think Obama did not do himself much harm, it was certainly his best debate performance to date, but we’ll just have to disagree about the results.

And yes, McCain did say Obama doesn’t get it (or is naive, or doesnt understand) many times.

I think those are the two overarching theme’s of the eveneing.

“John is Right” and “Obama doesn’t get it”

well, that and “I have a bracelet too!”


Comment by American Elephant

[…] 27, 2008 · No Comments Republicans are trying to make something out of Obama’s gentlemanly acknowledgment that McCain made reasonable points in last […]


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Nice Editing, so the point of the ad is that if a politician doesn FULLY dissagree with his oppnent then he isn’t leadership material? I think being able to admit your opponent has a valid point is a strong chatacteristic…and since when did being old mean you were a better leader? Try again Elephants.


Comment by Kaysler

My goodness, people! Have s sense of humor. I don’t think anyone thought that Obama was trying to agree with McCain on everything. It’s a campaign, we know they don’t agree.

McCain is older, but he has gained a wealth of experience and a raft of accomplishment from those years. I’m still waiting to find our what Obama’s accomplishments are.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

AmEl: I love reading your blog. But as a dyed-in-the-wool decline-to-state voter who lives in San Francisco and respects Old School conservatism a heck of a lot more than the kind our great nation has seen of late, I have to disagree. I think McCain missed his opportunity to nail Obama to the wall on the night of McCain’s strongest subject matter. And he won’t have the same advantage in the remaining debates. Obama did OK, and (comparatively speaking) this was a big success for him and a significant setback for McCain. If you’re interested, you can find my own analysis of the debate at



Comment by Tom Prete

My sympathy on San Francisco, but at least you get to vote against Pelosi. We don’t even get the chance. I know, I know. McCain is McCain, and sometimes I wish he wasn’t quite so honorable.

It is becoming clear, however, how many whoppers Obama told in the course of the debate.


Comment by The Elephant's Child


I think having a sense of humor is an essential leadership characteristic — one that Democrats sorely lack. Being old has nothing to do with leadership, but experience, accomplishments and judgment do, and again, Obama simply hasnt got them.


Comment by American Elephant

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