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Caught on Video: Democrats in Their Own Words Blocking Fannie/Freddie Reforms by American Elephant

Republicans tried many times to regulate Fannie and Freddie. Democrats demonized and demagogued those calling for the regulations. Watch how they attack the Director of Oversight. Democrats said there was no problem. Democrats voted in complete party unison against reforms.

Here they are in their own words. See for yourself.

They were protecting their pet policy that caused this meltdown. They were protecting the Democrats who ran Fannie and Freddy. They were protecting their piggy bank.

They must be voted out of office.

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(h/t VinceP)

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[…] 2004 Video: Democrats Refuse Freddie and Fannie Reform Posted on September 29, 2008 by sooshisoo h/t to American Elephants […]


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This video is misleading and is a good example of seeing what you want. This session is actually from Sept. 25th, 2003 titled HR 2575, the Secondary Mortgage Market Enterprises Regulatory Improvement Act. Here’s a link to the transcript:

If you read it through and understand the political climate at the time, the Democrats weren’t blocking general Fannie/Freddie Reforms. Rather, it was about strengthening the current oversight committee, which the Democrats supported, or allowing the Treasury Department to be the primary oversight committee, as proposed by the Republicans. The Democrats were against the later proposition because of the general distrust of the Bush Administration. All this information is readily available on Government websites, so please be smart and check your facts before you blindly post partisan propaganda. It doesn’t look good for you or your cause when you get it blatantly wrong.


Comment by Truthmonger


What doesn’t look good is your disingenuous attempts at spin.

The fact remains, despite your spin, that Democrats blocked the proposed reforms, praised the corrupt Frank Raines, and tried to maintain more or less the status quo. period. You can try to justify that any way you want, it still boils down to Democrats blocked reform.

Even Bill Clinton admits it, so frankly, your hackery doesn’t fly.


Comment by American Elephant

Amen! I watched the Bill Clinton video that says this is a democrat problem and not republican. Clinton even says that He and George Bush both tried to stop the madness but the dems in the house weren’t having any part of it! So unless you want to call Clinton a liar, you need to get your facts straight! That is the problem with a bunch of koolaid drinking pacifist like you. You have spent so much time trying to remake history and change the country that the future will not be pleasant. I already went through a war for your right to lie out your ass and am sick of defending this country so half-truth telling slugs can try to turn this wonderful country into a one world utopia. It will never happen. There are too many mean people that will put a bullet between anyone’s eyes that doesn’t want to think their way,and all of your oh please mr terrorist, we got rid of Bush so it’s ok now! We can all be friends now! It won’t mean crap to them. They will try to kill me and you and anyone that gets in their way and you will eventually start crying for help from the very people that grive you! Rick in Indy


Comment by Rick

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