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Timeline Shows Bush, McCain, Republicans Warning Democrats of Financial Crisis by American Elephant

Another video explaining Democrats complicity in the financial crisis. Notice the alternative media are the only ones covering this most important story.  The most important story this election season and the “mainstream” media, desperate to drag Obama across the finish line at all costs, won’t cover it. Isn’t that the very definition of a lie of omission?

Please forward these videos and stories to the people you know — especially Democrats and independents — and ask them to forward them as well. Post them on your blog or myspace. Encourage others to circulate them. America seems poised to elect the very people who did this to our financial system so they can do it to our healthcare system and who knows what else.

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You are forgetting who has put us in this state in the first place. George Bush has drove this country into the ground in so many ways. The list of the things he’s done to hurt the economy, starting with the billions of dollars per week we spend on the never-ending Ira


Comment by lovableloser

No, I am absolutely not forgetting who put us in this state in the first place. I am explaining EXACTLY who put us in place in the first place, and the policies and decisions that did so.

You see, loveableloser, whether or not you agree with the Iraq war, national defense is clearly the constitutionally mandated responsibility of the federal government.

It is their first and foremost job.

It is NOT the job of the federal government to force lenders to give loans to people who are bad credit risks, yet Democrats did it anyway. And when Republicans, and financial experts, and even the Chairman of the Federal Reserve warned them that Fannie Mae, and Freddy Mac were in danger of causing great danger to the American financial markets and economy, Democrats pooh poohed them and blocked the regulations.

Why? Because they were protecting their socialist policy, because Democrats were running Fannie Mae and making out like bandits and because Democrats in Congress like Barack Obama were using Fannie and Freddy like piggybanks.

I challenge you to watch the next video I am about to post. Democrats are DIRECTLY responsible for this crisis.

Until this bubble burst, the economy was doing very, very well under president Bush.


Comment by American Elephant

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