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McCain/Palin t shirts, yard signs, banners, campaign buttons, bumper stickers and more! by American Elephant

Sarah Palin t shirts, sweatshirts and boxers for men, women, kids, baby and dog! In multiple colors and styles.

John McCain t shirts, sweatshirts and boxers for men, women, kids, baby and dog! In multiple colors and styles.

McCain/Palin Shirts, sweatshirts and boxers for men, women, kids, baby and dog! In multiple colors and styles.

McCain/Palin yard signs, banners, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, stickers, bags, mugs and more!

A little shameless self promotion. Forgive us!

But lots of people seem to be looking for McCain signs, buttons, shirts, bumper stickers, etc, and can’t find them. We’ve got em!

Yard signs, large vinyl banners, buttons, stickers, mugs bags and more. T shirts, sweatshirts, baseball shirts in loads of styles and colors for men, women, kids, baby and even your pets!

Click here, or click any of the pics to see our store.  The store is run by and is guaranteed 100% secure. And we are adding new designs just as quick as we can, so check back often and show your support for John McCain and Sarah Palin! (we’ll likely have some good anti-Obama/Democrat designs soon too 🙂 )

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I think God has ordained John Mccain and Sarah Palin for the salvation of USA. they have moral and godly views on running america. you go!

Comment by Fran blackmon

I really would like to get a response thru. I have tried about 10 times to get a comment in. If this site is for mccain, then take my comments., I am behind him and Sarah
all the way. fran blackmon

Comment by Fran blackmon

also, now that I see I have gotten thru, would someone please tell me where and how I can get yard signs for my yard and family? I have been deniged entrance into all the order sites for that. ummmm– wonder why??? I think Obama is running scared. we don’t need his socialism ideas, nor his see sawing ways of changing everything he says…….. where is he from really???? fran blackmon, again.,

Comment by Fran blackmon

Sorry for the delay, blackmon, the first time you post, your comments have to be approved, and I’ve been busy and just saw them now for the first time.

If you are looking for yard signs, you can buy them at our store by clicking any of the images above, or clicking here. If you are looking for free yard signs, they are very hard to come by, but the best way is to try your local McCain/Palin campaign headquarters, or your local GOP Headquarters. They may very well not have any (mine dont) so your only alternative might be to buy them.

Hope that helps.

Comment by American Elephant

Slogan for a shirt: “Would you rather be ‘hidin’ with Bidden’ or ‘para-sailin with Sara Palin?

Comment by Jim Anderson

In the Bible, Revelation it says that God will say to the sheep on the LEFT–depart from me I never knew you–and be cast into HELL!
Obama is on the far LEFT–BEWARE! ! !
We must not let them win!!! That is why we are out on the streets when the cars stop at the red light, phone bank and signs all along our yard!
Preacher David Knickerbocker
Missionary to Africa Elyea

Comment by David Knick

No it is not a repeat on our part–this is the first time we ever sent anything.

Comment by David Knick

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