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Think Universal Healthcare is Desirable? Think again. by The Elephant's Child

Universal healthcare A Canadian says be careful what you wish for.

A friend living in the USA tells me that one of the great attractions for voters leaning toward Barack Obama is his plan to deliver universal health care.  Canada is often mentioned as a paragon of the socialized health care model in the pitch for the Utopian dream; what is seldom mentioned is that the dream is often more like a nightmare….

Canadian hospitals are filthy bacteria-infested places where perhaps hundreds of people die painful and needless deaths because doctors can’t be bothered to wash their hands.

No one can tell you how many people die of C. Difficile each year because tallying the numbers may be politically embarrassing.  A lawsuit is under way against one hospital where 91 patients died in less than 2 years from C. Difficile.

Read the whole brief article. It includes a table that explains the ‘wait times’ for medical procedures in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. And why so many Canadians come to the U.S for treatment.

You might refer again to this post, which explains why it cannot work in the long run.

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We used to have a great health care system and it was publicly funded.

Since the 80s and the liberalization of trade began, our health care system has been in decline.

There is a move towards private health care that Canadians don’t want.

Starve the system long enough and private health starts to look good.

The SPP and NAU agreements to integrate
the US, Canada and Mexico require Canada to bring it’s health care system into line with the American system.

It’s not just health care that is going to hell here.

As far as Obama is concerned he is working toward the NWO as is McCain. It makes no difference who the American people vote for. The people are about to take a major bath.

In order to get a real handle on what is coming, read the Green Agenda via my site or google.

Obama is quoted there.

The aim is to destroy the industrialized world including the US and Canada.

It’s going to get ugly in the near future.

The market crash is just the beginning.

Elections in Canada and the USA are a sham at this point in time.

The Green Agenda is home to both the right and the left all striving for one goal.

The end of democracy and world rule by unelected elites.

A coup is taking place and no one seems to notice. Quietly taken over by the elites via the green movement.

Interesting times ahead!


Comment by atomcat

Oh, I agree. The Green Agenda is run by the few who are supported by the gullible, and bountifully funded by the big foundations. I don’t quite agree with you on health care. Government-run health care’s chief objective is to reduce costs. Simple logic shows that over time it destroys whatever quality the system once possessed.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The money that used to go to our health care and education is being redirected to big business or redistributed (as Obama likes to say)

Take our electrical system. It was owned by the citizens. Consumers and business both enjoyed electricity at cost. It made us a leader in the field and we enjoyed the least expensive energy in North America.

Example: Cost to upgrade our system according to the senior policy adviser and the engineers 10 billion. It would require putting scrubbers on our coal plants and building another nuke.
Affordable and as clean as possible.

Instead we have sold off much of the system and allowed politics to call the shots. Estimated cost 60+billion.
In return we get ever increasing bills and poorer service.

Money that should have went to education and health care.

Health care should never depend on a person’s financial situation.

I worked in the US after Andrew hit Florida.

One guy I met was from Washington, he had a heart attack and I rode with him in the ambulance to the Homestead Hospital. He got great care and his bills were paid for by his employer.

Another guy I worked with from Missouri had an ulcer erupt and was taken to the same hospital in an ambulance. He didn’t have insurance. When I visited him he told me never to mention his farm. He said he would end up losing it to pay the bills. No one who is ill should ever have to worry about losing his property.

I stayed a bit longer than I planned and guess what. My heath insurance ran out and I got a nasty infection in my leg. Think I got bit by a spider or some other bug.

By the time I went to the same hospital my leg was very swollen and I had a very high fever. I walked in, no ambulance.
I was told they couldn’t help me and that I would have to go to the Liberty City hospital. When I got there it was like a bad bus stop, people lying on the floor,sick kids and worried parents.
I went to the desk and gave my slip and asked how long it would be to see a doctor. He pointed to some people on the floor and told me they arrived 16hrs. ago. I asked why anybody would put up with this kind of treatment. They just kind of looked at me and shrugged. A damn sad scene.

I got back in the car and went back to the Homestead hospital.
They still didn’t want to treat me and were surprised to see me back.
I told them I was from Canada and where I come from peoples health comes before money.
After two meeting with the administration and the threat of turning it into a media circus I was finally given treatment and a good doctor.

Hell – If a country as poor as Cuba can provide health care for it’s people what’s our excuse.

Anyway – things are going to get very interesting in the near future.

Sorry about the length of the post.


Comment by atomcat

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