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Last minute guidance for voters. by The Elephant's Child

Most websites that include politics have last minute advice, but it is noticeable.  Everybody’s exhausted.  Too many polls, too many ads, too many mailers, too much spin, too many lies and too much emotion.

Voting is far too serious a matter to be done on the basis of emotion. This is not a popularity contest, or it shouldn’t be.  There is a lot of trouble on the horizon, and we are electing people to deal with it as our representatives.  To be our servants.  They are going to work for us. Have you considered their applications carefully?  Have you studied their resumés and looked for the real meaning behind the carefully chosen words?

Here is the best Election ’08 Backgrounder I have seen, from Investors Business Daily.  A checklist, if you will, of things you should consider before you go to the polls.  And there are links to further information if you want it.  I hope this helps.

Here’s a final attack ad from Barack Obama! by The Elephant's Child

A few words to send you off to the polls tomorrow.

(h/t The Weekly Standard)

Obama Wants to Bankrupt the Coal Industry and Cause Energy Prices to Skyrocket… For Your Own Good! by American Elephant
November 3, 2008, 5:07 am
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More desperately important reasons to vote for McCain/Palin and do everything in your power in these last two days to make sure as many other McCain/Palin voters get to the polls as possible:

From an interview in San Francisco (naturally) last January:

And, in the same interview, he admits freely that his plans will necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket:

Obama wants to drive prices up. He thinks Americans must change their evil energy consuming behavior, and that it is governments’ place to force them to do so. He believes the American free market, where we use electricity when we want it, turn on lightbulbs at our leisure, buy things we want and use them when and how we want — you know, the economic model that has lifted billions of people around the world out of poverty — must be fundamentally changed:

But we will have to subsidize energy for the poor! So not only are your personal energy costs going to skyrocket, you’ll be paying more taxes to subsidize energy for the poor.

And to what end?

As the video says, so that one day in the very distant future, the government will wave its magic wand and create a way to power the economy without oil, without natural gas, without coal, without nuclear — without any of the carbon producing, “dirty” energy sources that currently account for 90.4% of America’s electricity needs. That’s just electricity, it doesn’t even include America’s transportation energy needs.

And until the day when government can somehow make the solar and wind that currently supply 2.4% of our electricity needs, supply all the energy we need for electricity and transportation, you and your family, and your children, and their children, and their children’s children ad infinitum will have to suffer far higher energy prices, higher taxation, higher regulation of your personal behaviors and consumer choices….

THIS is what Obama means when he says he wants to bring about “fundamental change.” A level of Statism that has never, ever been known in this country. The government will tell you what, where and when you can travel. They will dictate through taxation and regulation how much energy you can use, what products you can buy, what temperature you can keep your house, what you can eat!

It is all implicit in his self-described vision. And it is contrary to almost every principle America is founded upon. Is Statism the change Americans are looking for? It’s the change they’re about to get!

Tell me where I’m wrong.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin responds to Obama’s vision for the coal industry:

(h/t Hot Air)

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