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Should We Bail Out the Automobile Companies? by The Elephant's Child

Detroit cannot make cars at a price the market will bear.

The only question is whether we want to kick the problem down the road, or confront it now.  As long as they cannot make cars at a price that people will pay, they will not have a functional business.  Do we think they should go bankrupt now? Do we think they should go bankrupt later? How often do we intend to bail them out?

Glimpses of the Coming Health Plan. by The Elephant's Child
November 20, 2008, 8:04 pm
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In a survey of U.S. primary care physicians released this week by the Physicians’ Foundation, nearly half the respondents said that they would seriously consider getting out of the medical business within the next three years if they had an alternative.

The survey sought to find the reasons for an identified exodus among family doctors and internists — the backbone of the health industry. In the survey, the foundation sent questionnaires to more  than 270,000 primary care doctors and more than 50,000 specialists nationwide.

49 percent of the 12,000 respondents said they would consider leaving medicine. There is too much red tape from government agencies and insurance companies and they are overwhelmed in their practices they said.  It is not a problem of too many patients.

At the annual meeting of the American Medical Association last week, a U.S. shortage of 35,000 to 45,000 primary care doctors by 2025 was predicted.

Massachusetts’ new universal health care plan has resulted in many doctors moving out of state.  Texas, on the other hand, has had an inflow of doctors because of a reduction in governmental mandates.

A new survey of health care provision for chronically ill patients ranked Canada eighth out of eight nations surveyed.  The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation based in New York, polled patients with chronic conditions in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 60% of patients waited more than 4 weeks for an appointment with a specialist.  58% waited more than 8 weeks.

British patients who need major surgery and can afford it are apparently going to India for their surgery to avoid NHS.  The problems of dirty hospitals, declining service, and failure of the system are subjects of constant reporting in UK papers.

Problems are similar in Canada and France.  I don’t know of any country with socialized medicine that has good results from their program, but I am not familiar with every country.

Ted Kennedy is working hard on a congressional plan for universal health care, and he is lining up powerful interests for support. Backers are sure to use the Senator’s declining health as a sentimental push for his last legislative effort.

Max Baucus is developing a separate plan that would be extraordinarily expensive as it grows the government’s share of health spending though a ballpark estimate is $150 billion a year, but that is probably conservative.  The idea is to fold everyone into a program like Medicare.

These people have been blathering on about 45 million “uninsured” long enough to make people think that there actually are that many people who don’t have insurance and we “must do something”.  The number is phony and a deliberate misrepresentation, in order for Democrats to do what they want.

By 2015 or perhaps sooner, more than 50 % of Americans will not pay any income taxes, and the other 50% will be expected to support not only themselves but the other half of the population as well, and to support the health care expenses of the other half.  We already have the world’s most progressive taxes, but it is not enough.  It is never, never enough.

The first thing that happens when a health care plan is created that we cannot afford is a demand to cut costs. Pay Doctors less, pay nurses less, use cheaper drugs, don’t buy those expensive machines, get along with fewer doctors, fewer nurses, less equipment.  More mandates, more rules.  Don’t do this to free people.

Be very, very careful what you wish for. And be willing to fight to stay free.

Here’s an Important Test for You to Take. by The Elephant's Child

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has just completed a study to see what Americans know about their own history, government and economics.  Their question — are most people, including college graduates civically illiterate?  Do elected officials know even less than most citizens about civic topics like history, government and economics?  Well, Yes they do.

More than 2,500 randomly selected Americans took ISI’s basic 33-question test on civic literacy and more than 1,700 people failed

The average score was 49 percent or an “F” Elected officials scored even lower than the general public with an average score of 44 percent and only 0,8 percent (or 21) of all surveyed earned an “A.”

Even more discouraging was the fact that over twice as many people know Paula Abdul was a judge on American Idol than know that the phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people” comes from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

According to ISI, the blame and the solution lie at the doorstep of the nations colleges.  Colleges can, and should play an important role in curing this national epidemic of ignorance.  Parents can help too.  See what your kids know.

The test consists of 33 multiple-choice questions and will take only a few minutes.  See how you will do.  No prizes, and you don’t have to tell anybody.

Must see TV by American Elephant
November 20, 2008, 6:36 am
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I’m still laughing…

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