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Just when it is all coming apart, here’s another push. by The Elephant's Child
November 21, 2008, 8:37 pm
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These clueless bureaucrats plan to revamp the entire U.S. economy based on the notion that CO2 is the cause of global warming, and that they can do something about it by bankrupting coal-fired power plants and substituting clean alternative energy. There is no evidence that this is other than fantasy.

Environmentalist dreams of a “clean-energy” economy in the U.S. have long yielded to a glimpse of the price tag.  Now the cost of making the transition — hundreds of billions of dollars — is being offered by President-elect  Obama and his advisers as a selling point. Think New Deal II.  FDR extended the Great Depression by more than seven years with just such experimentation.

They believe that a multibillion-dollar government investment in everything from wind turbines to a “smart” electrical grid is just what is needed to prop up the economy.  The fantasy is millions of government subsidized “green jobs.” Mr. Obama’s theory, which he argued on the campaign trail, is that spending $150 billion over the next decade to boost energy efficiency would create five million jobs.

The jobs would include insulation installers to make houses more energy-efficient, insulation businesses , wind-turbine builders, energy efficient bulb installers, and would displace coal-fired electricity, coal mining and transportation workers. And the existing insulation companies, and wind turbine companies, the coal miners? Construction workers would be required to build greener buildings and rebuild the electrical grid. Direct inquiries about green buildings to Seattle’s Mayor Greg Nichols.  And see Bastiat’s ‘Broken Windows’ theory.

The idea is that big capital investments in green-energy technology will be offset by savings in reduced fossil fuel costs. The rest of the world is looking askance at climate change legislation in a time of global economic turmoil.  New Zealand is looking at competing views on the scientific aspects of climate change. In England, power suppliers are turning back the clock to use coal-fired plants as their main source of electricity in a bid to avoid shortages over the winter. The EU is backing off from their climate change legislation.

The studies that estimate millions of new green jobs do not consider the jobs that are lost elsewhere if the country shifts to more expensive sources of energy. Part of the theory of so many new jobs comes from the fact that jobs in the fossil fuel industry do not require more infrastructure, because it already exists.  New “green’ jobs would require building new infrastructure. The price of oil has dropped substantially in the wake of the financial crisis. It is suggested that the cost will go up even  higher as the financial crisis stabilizes.

Please note that at the same time that they want to switch our economy to energy sources that have shown no evidence whatsoever that they can effectively supply the power that we need, no matter what the investment, they want to destroy the use of fossil fuels because they believe that will save the planet.  But the globe has warmed and cooled in the past, long before there were industry or automobiles or SUVs. The warming and cooling corresponds closely to the activity of the sun, and seems to have no connection to increases of CO2 in the atmosphere.  But it isn’t about CO2, no matter how much they pretend that it is.

Physicist Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen:

“Owing to bad economic conditions, most of the countries in Europe are fleeing from the commitments they once made to the “Kyoto treaty” to reduce emissions of CO2.  Scientists all over the world are speaking up against the notion of a “consensus”, the presumption that “everybody agrees” that global warming is caused by mankind (the AGW hypothesis). Nobody has any confidence any more in long-range computer calculations that are unable to predict the past, let alone the future.  And most of all, people are beginning to remember that CO2 is plant food.”

“This all comes at the time when the incoming administration of Obama seems about to impose draconian and expensive regulations (on CO2 emissions) upon American industry and utilities.”

Consider this quotation from a green enthusiast:

“An authentic green economics system is one that would mark the end of capitalism, and one that would ensure labor rights and organizing, collective ownership and equality are all at the heart of it.  The real green movement has not started yet.”

Steve Hayward added:

“More than 20 years ago political scientist Anthony Downs discerned what he called the “issue-attention cycle,” a five-stage process by which the public and especially the news media grow alarmed over an issue, agitate for action, generate piles of scary headlines, and then begin to draw back as we come to recognize that the problem has been exaggerated or misconceived, and the price tag for action comes in.  While Downs thought that the issue-attention cycle for the environment would last longer than most issues, it appears the mother-of-all-environmental scares — global warming — is following his model and is going to begin to fade like other environmental alarms of the past such as the population bomb and the “we’re running out of everything” scares.”

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