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The “Office of the President Elect” — Phony Placards and Red Flags by American Elephant
November 26, 2008, 10:50 am
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I’m so glad FOX News ran this story; Lord knows, nobody else will.

Ever since the first placard popped up at Obama’s first post-election press conference (actually, his first press conference in months), my brow knits and nostrils flare at the very mention of the phrase, “Office of the President-Elect.” Not because I dislike and distrust Obama, I do, but because, you see, there is no such thing. It doesn’t exist.

Obama isn’t even the President-Elect, it is a title given out of courtesy. He does not become the President-Elect until he is elected, and that doesn’t occur until the electoral college meets next month, casts its votes, and the results are certified by the Vice President. But I quibble. The point is, even if he were the President-Elect, given that he has resigned his senate seat, he holds NO office until January 20th at precisely 12:00:01.

Now, I have no problem calling him president-elect, I’m only illustrating a point, but what does bother me a great deal is the man’s pathological need to assume the airs of power and authority that do not belong to him. The same neurosis undoubtedly responsible for his pattern of seeking higher office before he has even warmed the seat of the one he occupies.

Everyone knows that this isn’t his first phony presidential placard — Obama finally went too far and earned national ridicule for his self-styled “presidential seal.” Before that, there was “O-Force One”, candidate Obama’s campaign plane, complete with executive chair emblazoned with the words, “The President”. There was his speech in Germany which was bad enough as it was, made that much worse by how very badly he wanted to speak from the Brandenberg Gates. There were his Corinthian columns. Long before any of which, he was already speaking from behind presidential placards in rooms rented for their resemblance to the East Room of the White House.

These are the signs of a man very hungry for power. These are the signs of impatience. These are red flags.

Obama Plays Make Believe

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Red flags? I think red flags are out for the next four years. These look like blue flags to me.


Comment by MasterZorro2008

I like your use of the term “red flags” because when it comes to Obama, a red flag is what flies. I saw this article at Fox as well and loved it. I’ve been laughing myself silly and ridiculing Obama ever since his fake presidential seal made its debut. And then this whole “Office of the President-elect”. Ha Ha! You know one of his advisors said he was ready to take “power and rule”, she just didn’t specify that it would be on Nov. 5th.

I saw your great comments at Gay Patriot and so came over for a visit and have added you to my blogroll over at:


Comment by dsgawrsh

Thanks for the kind words, dsgawrsh. I love your mexico “not yours” graphic. Made me snort.


Comment by American Elephant

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