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Another word about the polar bears. by The Elephant's Child

Polar Bear Cub

Advances in DNA research point to a change in thinking about the evolution of the polar bear.

The stories revealed by ancient DNA are not all dismal.  Genetic study of polar bear fossils predicts a better fate for the endangered species.

Before 2007, it was thought that polar bears evolved from the brown bear fairly recently in the planet’s history.  But three years ago, a DNA study of polar bear fossils showed that the polar bear originated nearly 130,000 years ago.  That means the species survived the last interglacial period of global warming.

The discovery gives MacPhee hope about the polar bear’s fate in the coming decades.  “Its possible they will survive, even though they will suffer.” he said.

Well, yes, since it was much warmer during the last interglacial period, and far colder during the little ice age.  And, since polar bears are not endangered but multiplying nicely, in spite of all the environmental activist hype, we need not be too surprised that they have survived the less than one degree of warming that we have so far suffered in the current “global warming” panic.  Especially now that it has cooled.

The environmentalist hype about bears, usually accompanied by photographs of cute baby bears like the one above, has been intended to prevent drilling for oil in the arctic.  The designation of the bears as a “threatened” species is a bureaucratic misstep.  Environmentalist activists are determined to prevent the use of fossil fuels, and will go to extreme lengths to accomplish that.

Since this DNA confirmation that polar bears have survived climate both much warmer and much colder than the present misplaced panic has been available for three years, it might have affected the threatened designation, if the media had thought it worth mentioning.

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