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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! by American Elephant
December 18, 2008, 9:38 pm
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About eight inches of fluffy, white global-warming here on the ground in Seattle. More snow than we’ve had since I was a child, earlier in the year than normal, and already a longer sub-freezing spell than we almost ever get. Naturally, liberals are claiming its more evidence of “climate change”. Do they honestly expect the weather to remain constant?

But it sure is beautiful. White Christmases are very rare around here, our norm is cold, gray, drizzly Christmasses. Hopefully it will stick around long enough. *fingers crossed*.

Although, it does make getting around difficult. Seattlites are horrible drivers to begin with, mind you. They not only cannot drive in the snow, but they cant drive in any other weather either — rain, wind — even sunshine seems to addle their brains. Serve up anything other than dreary overcast skies, and Seattle drivers lose complete control of their faculties, not to mention what little driving ability they possessed. But when it snows! Oy! People will abandon their cars, in the middle of the road no less, in two inches of snow. We now have eight. There are accidents everywhere, cars abandoned willy-nilly. It truly is pathetic.

And so, even those of us who can drive in snow try to avoid the roads for fear of what someone else may do. Fortunately, much remains to be done to get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Gifts for Conservatives and Republicans by American Elephant

UPDATE! Be sure to check out our new reproductions of the original, iconic official Ronald Reagan 1980 primary & general election campaign logos! The campaign that started the Reagan Revolution! Not available anywhere but American Elephants.

Time for a little shameless holiday plug!

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the conservative or Republican on your Christmas list? Look no further! Santa and his little elephants have been very busy in their workshop, adding new designs to The Elephant Trunk just in time for Christmas.  Whether you want to support Sarah Palin, show your appreciation for President Bush, stand up for a conservative principle, or simply mock Obama and the Democrats, we’ve got the perfect stocking stuffers and stylish gifts for you and every conservative on your Christmas list.  T-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, bumper-stickers, bags, hats and more  — great for gifts under the tree or tucked neatly in a stocking by the fireplace.

And, rest assured, we’ve got more designs on the way, so check back often. 🙂

Hassle free delivery is guaranteed by Cafe Press to arrive on or before December 24, if orders are placed by 11.59 pm by Tuesday, Dec. 16 for standard shipping — Saturday, December 20, for premium shipping — or Noon, Monday December 22 for 1 day shipping.

And every item comes with Cafe Press’ 30- day money back guarantee.

We hope you’ll have a look, and even more, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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