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Now they have just gone too far! by The Elephant's Child

Hard times.  People are scared.  The news speaks daily about job losses, bailouts, a bad business climate, banks failing and bankruptcy. ” When it bleeds it leads” is the motto of the media, but it does not help the national mood.

Congress is sensitive to appearances.  When the CEOs of the big three automobile companies came to Washington to beg for money in their corporate jets, there was ample congressional outrage.  In every attempt to draft bills for providing funds for failing businesses Democrat congressmen have been determined to see that executives do not prosper from government funds.  No big salaries, no bonuses, and no executive jets.

Democrats in Congress, who started this mess by refusing to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and demanding that banks loan to ever less qualified clients to put more people in homes that they could not afford, have again proved theie absolute arrogance.

What a great moment for taxpayers to give senators and congressmen a $2.5 million increase in their already bloated salaries. It’s hard to get by on only $217,400 if you’re the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Most members of Congress  have to get along on only $169,300.  A $4,700 raise is certainly justified when Congress has performed so nobly on our behalf.  Hmn?

Congressional Democrats have dragged in executives of oil companies, automobile makers and banks and grilled them viciously on TV about their salaries, bonuses, stock options and severance packages.  They pushed the big carmakers into making symbolic gestures like working for $1 a year.  But when it comes to symbolic gestures of their own — tin ears, no empathy, no common sense.

Investors Business Daily has the whole story.  And as they say:  raise some hell!

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