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A Brilliant Analogy! by The Elephant's Child

This was a letter to the editor at American Thinker by Richard Strimple:

I don’t know if any one else has noticed, but I have detected a new crisis that I have named “the daylight change crisis”.  I first noticed it sometime around the end of June this year.  I started paying attention and created computer models and sure enough I was right!  We are losing daylight at an astonishing rate.  Each day we are losing approximately 2 minutes of daylight and my computer models predict total darkness by next July.

I have been able to detect this phenomenon around the entire Northern Hemisphere.  And here is the scary part: the daylight appears to be leaking to the Southern Hemisphere.

I thought I should bring it to the attention of great scientists like Al Gore so he can help solve this new crisis.

This is an absolutely brilliant analogy.  The global warming “crisis” may never recover.  Hopefully!

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care to explain?


Comment by walkndude

Well sure. The Summer Solstice is around the end of June, when the days slowly begin getting shorter. It is true that we are losing daylight at around 2 minutes worth a day. A computer model might well predict a crisis. That is, unless you programmed in the fact that the Winter Solstice is December 21st, when the days start getting longer.

The entire global warming “crisis” occurs only in the UN’s IPCC computer climate models. The models consist of some known facts, a lot of assumptions and some guesses. If you change one tiny element in the models, you get a different answer. On top of that, the work that is done by climate scientists for the IPCC is not what is reported. What is reported is what is written by the political folk at the UN, and they make the science agree with what they want to say politically.

There is not one peer-reviewed scientific paper that proves that there is a crisis caused by CO2 or by anthropogenic warming. The UN’s climate computer models do not agree with observed science.
The silliness of predicting total darkness by next July is very similar to what is going on with the IPCC on which all government actions are being made. It is a fraud.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

thanks. i can’t think of a reason for all this, other than end world senerios. gravity, 13th planet, meteor, global warming/cooling, even return of god ‘alien to destroy earth’. it can’t be simply oil. we don’t even need oil. i keep thinking, what is earth supplying, what are we hording, what is the Desire. other than control, i just don’t get it.


Comment by walkndude

It’s about power and control, and of course money. Al Gore retired from government with about $2 million, and is now worth $100 million so they say. Green alarmism can be profitable. For others, it is a religion complete with utopia, apocalypse, savior. After all what could seem more important than saving the planet. Al Gore is not too worried about the 20 foot sea rise he predicts, he has bought a waterfront condo in San Francisco. Visit the website http://www.climatedebatedaily. com (or maybe .org, I don’t remember). Good roundup of current writings on both sides.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The letter writer was brilliant.

He should write another letter expressing his “surprise and relief” that the daylight is gradually returning.



Comment by renaissanceguy

My bold new prediction is that we have already done way too much to over-correct this daylight imbalance, and are now looking at the imminent result of taking all the daylight away from the southern hemisphere and relocating it permanently here in the north! I’ll never be able to sleep again!!!! LMAO


Comment by Mike Lovell

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