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Ah, yes! The Golden State! by The Elephant's Child

SACRAMENTO: Beginning Jan. 1, every 2009 model year and newer car built for sale in California will be required to carry a label that clearly ranks the vehicle’s environmental impact.

The label will show the simple ranking system that provides consumers practical information that can help them choose the most environmentally friendly vehicle that still meets their transportation needs.

“This label will arm consumers with the information they need to choose a vehicle that saves gas, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps fight smog all at once,” said ARB Chairman Mary Nichols. “Consumer choice is an especially powerful tool in our fight against climate change.”

Bwa ha ha ha. California descends further into complete moonbattery each and every year. The perfect Global Warming Score, a 10, is earned only by the 2009 Tesla Electric Roadster, a bargain at a suggested price of only $109,000.

Just when it is becoming clear that the globe is not warming, but cooling, and stopped warming in 1998, California comes out with another sticker for each car. For most consumers, practical considerations are the mileage rating and the price. Here is the sticker with the standards enumerated. Here is the article that alerted me to this scientific howler. They are scoring CO2-equivalent grams per mile emissions. Huh? They lump together all:

greenhouse gases (ghg) emitted from vehicles includ[ing] carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (H4), nitrous oxide (NO2) and hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) from air conditioner refrigerant together into one CO2 equivalent Value.

Oh, well that explains the whole thing. “The use of fossil fuels in motor vehicles is one of the primary human sources of global warming gases that trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to a warming effect on the planet.”

Unproven nonsense. Marc Sheppard compares it to a Dragon Repellent Score. The Roadster is pretty sexy looking though.


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