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Ideas for a new and renewed America! by The Elephant's Child
January 21, 2009, 10:47 pm
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James Taranto reported the following on “Best of the Web” at the Wall Street Journal.  I include the whole thing:

Think Locally, Act Globally

From the New York Times:

The local food movement has been all about buying seasonal food from nearby farmers.  Now, thanks to the Web, it is expanding to include far-away farmers too.

A new start-up, Foodzie, is an online farmers market where small, artisan food producers and growers can sell their products.  Foodies in Florida, say, can order raw, handcrafted pepperjack cheese from Traver, Calif., or organic, fair-trade coffee truffles from Boulder, Colo.

What a great idea!  And why not take it one step further?  Farmers could band together and form large organizations — call them “corporations” — to grow and distribute mass quantities of food.  Retail opertions could be set up in every town; they would be sort of super farmers markets, or “supermarkets” for short.  Soon everyone everywhere would be able to buy local food from all over the world!

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