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Cult of Obama Gets Creepier, and More Dangerous, by the Day by American Elephant

We’ve had celebrities singing to Obamapraying to Obama, pledging to Obama, liberals teaching their children to sing to the Dear Leader, Obama Youth marching for Obama, and chanting for Obama.

But even scarier than that, we have a Fourth Estate that has gleefully abrogated all responsibility to objectively report anything that might reflect negatively on “the One”. Chris Matthews stated shortly after the election that as an alleged journalist, he sees his job not as reporting the facts, but as helping Obama succeed. That he could even think of making such a statement on-air means his view is not out of the mainstream among his colleagues.

Now we have Michigan’s Detroit Free Press openly calling for readers to “see Obama in yourself” by downloading and printing an Obama mask and returning pictures of themselves wearing it to the paper for publication.

It’s funny, and yet it’s not.

These are supposed to be journalists for crying out loud. Hugo Chavez wishes he could get such glowing adulation and cooperation from the Venezuelan press — and he owns them!

Meanwhile, President Obama is off to a disturbingly bad start, with very real, negative consequences for America, and no one but readers of conservative blogs would know it.

Liberals caterwauled the supposed lack of checks and balances on Republican power, showing their utter lack of understanding of the concept in the process. Yet I can’t remember an administration so ceaselessly checked at every turn as his. Pre-emptive checks even! But now we find ourselves in a situation where one political party, led by its most radical elements, holds the executive, virtually filibuster proof majorities in the legislative, will only increase its hold over the judicial, and a Fourth Column that seems intent on being confirmed the new Ministry of Truth.

Obama and the Democrats are moving incredibly fast to pass an agenda aimed first and foremost at cementing themselves into a permanent majority, and only secondly at turning America into a European socialist welfare state. (Yes, they overlap.) Can you imagine if Democrats are successful in reinstating the “fairness” doctrine? Or, as seems more likely, implementing Obama’s preferred  “local control” regulations? Either will  accomplish the same goal of silencing conservative dissent on the airwaves.

These are truly dangerous times for our Republic — if we can keep it. I hope you are all paying attention, getting involved, and making your voices heard. Those of us who cherish what we have been given are all going to have to get engaged to a degree much greater than we are accustomed.

(h/t Jonah Goldberg)

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