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What is the difference between Republicans and Democrats II? by The Elephant's Child

There is a big difference in the way that Democrats and Republicans approach policy.  Understanding the basic differences are important.  These, of course, are over-simplified generalities, and they don’t apply to every Republican or every Democrat. Over time, though, it’s a pretty good guide.

Democrats are the party of good intentions.  They really do mean well.  They want to help the underdog and the needy.  Because they mean well, they especially resent being criticized.  Questioning the possible consequences of the policy is simply obstruction and downright meanness.  If a policy does not work, it is either because of Republican obstruction, or because not enough money was invested to make it successful. The answer is better funding.

Republicans care about consequences.  And they care about liberty.  They are not impressed with good intentions.  They want to know if it works.  And if it doesn’t work, they want to get rid of it and start over with something that will work.  That doesn’t mean that they always know what will work.  They don’t.  Everybody often has a different idea, and some of the ideas are really dreadful.  But they care about workable policies that do what they are intended to do.  Liberty is not negotiable, but infringements on liberty are sometimes poorly understood.

These differences are especially noticeable in the two parties think-tanks.  Democrat think-tanks are devoted to discovering ways to win policy debates, and raise funds.  They are often very successful at this work.

Conservative think-tanks are devoted to figuring out what works.  They do studies and write summaries and argue with the authors of competing studies.  Then they try to get people to read their long studies and to understand the complications involved in policies.  They write articles and make speeches to conservative groups.

Democrats make up sound bites that are focus group tested.

Feel free to make additions or subtractions or just argue if you choose.


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As any rancher, farmer or game warden can tell you, the best way to catch and domesticate wild animals that roam free is to destroy their natural instinct to forage or hunt for food. It doesn’t matter whether they are wild ponies on Assateague Island in Virginia, buffalos on the range in Wyoming, wild pigs in Borneo or wild dogs somewhere in the wilderness. It pretty much works the same way.

The first step in the process is to find a suitable place in the animal’s habitat where you can leave food out in the open. Pretty soon, the animals will find the food, eat it and will return again to see if there is more. Within a short period of time, the animals will come to that same location almost every day to eat the free food.

When the animals get used to coming every day, the rancher, farmer or game warden can install a fence down one side of the location where the animals come to eat. When they get used to seeing the fence, the wild animals will return and eat the food that is left for them. At some point, another side to the fence is installed. The animals will eventually get used to the new section of fence and will continue to return again and again to eat the free food. The process is continued until all four sides of the fence have been installed to form a compound, with an open gate installed in the final side. The wild animals, having become accustomed to getting free food at the location, will go through the open gate and enter the fenced in area to eat the food.

When the entire herd has come through the gate to eat in the fenced in area, the gate is then slammed shut and the whole herd is captured in the compound. They have now lost their freedom. At first, some of the animals run around trying to find an escape route, but eventually they tire and return to eating the free food. They become so used to eating the free food that is left out for them that they either forget, or lose the desire, to forage or hunt for food in the wild. As time goes by, they learn to accept their captivity.

This is similar to what is happening in America today. Moving ever so slowly towards socialism, our ever expanding and intrusive government bureaucracy is attracting more and more citizens and illegal aliens to the free food banquet at the federal trough, while at the same time adding sections of fences with increased governmental rules and regulations that will eventually take away their individual freedoms. Our so-called elected leaders keep handing out the free food on a regular basis in the form of federal grants, subsidies, affirmative action, supplemental income, rebates, stimulus packages, tax credits, and thousands of special programs designed to help particular groups of people who now see themselves as victims. Eventually, the recipients of these never ending and expanding social programs will come to rely on the federal government for their very existence.

Just like the wild animals mentioned earlier, it appears that a significant number of American citizens and illegal aliens are gradually becoming accustomed to feasting at the trough of big government and the number of people receiving government handouts on a regular basis is growing by millions every year. Unfortunately, it will not take long before a significant percentage of the American population becomes so used to receiving the federal assistance that is left out for them that they will either forget, or lose the desire, to escape the system and enjoy their freedoms and liberties.

The politburo in the new expanded American government will tell the people how much money they can earn, where they can go to school, what sodas they can drink, what foods they can’t eat, what kind of a car they can drive, where they can travel, what national ID card they must carry and it will impose any number of other restrictions on them. If we continue on this road to socialism, the American people will no longer be free. The question is: “Will they learn to accept their captivity at the hands of their new masters?”

Thomas Jefferson said: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” Americans must remember that we cannot fully enjoy our freedoms and liberties in America unless we keep our government limited. As our government grows and becomes more intrusive, as it is today, it is our freedoms and liberties that are becoming limited. Americans must remain vigilant in these trying times as there seems to be many traitorous elected officials in this country who would like to close the gate on our individual freedoms and liberties, as well as our nation’s sovereignty.


Comment by John Wallace

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