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Everything is terrible, and it is only going to get worse. by The Elephant's Child


Iain Murray made a cogent observation today in the Corner.  ” The fact is,” he said, “that the impending eco-apocalypse is permanent.” In the early 70s we were told that we were entering another ice age.  Millions would starve to death, the world could not feed its increasing population.

Then there was the panic about over-population.  The Chinese probably had it right with their one baby per family edict. But birthrates are in actuality declining far below replacement rate in most of the west.

Smog in our cities led to catalytic converters and cleaner fuel, and we sensibly cleaned up our air and our water.  But that was not enough.  If we cure one flaw, one problem, they will find an even greater threat.

Vast extinctions.  Half of all species were sure to become extinct, doomed.  A Google search turns up 10,500,000 results for “endangered species.”

Environmental organizations choose the most photogenic species to agonize over, never an unattractive one.  Polar bears, undeniably beautiful, are supposed to serve the dual purpose of  ending climate change and preventing any drilling for oil or gas.

DDT was supposed to be the cause of vast extinctions, yet in reality it was the banning of DDT that caused vast human extinction, especially children,  in the developing world from malaria.

What I am attempting to point out here is not that panics often don’t pan out, which they don’t. But that there is something about the green movement that requires an ecological catastrophe.  Something  is wrong with our food, or our lifestyle.  There is something wrong with us.  And if you attempt a bit of rationality or simple common sense you are “assailed as a holocaust denier for questioning what everyone knows to be true.”

What is wrong with these people? Generous funding, too much free time, and a need for more funds.

Are their lives so empty and purposeless that they can only feel  worthwhile if they are fully engaged with a threat to the planet itself?

Homeownership. Is it a right? Or a privilege? by The Elephant's Child

Let’s see.  ACORN’s Homebuyer’s Program has Housing Counselors who help make the homebuying process more accessible to first-time buyers.  No private mortgage insurance, no deposit of the first three months of mortgage payments, low or no down payment, your public assistance or child support counts in determining if you can afford a mortgage.

For those who have lost their homes to foreclosure, ACORN thugs will break into the homes so that the  former “owners” can re-occupy them.

ACORN trains citizens to protest home foreclosures.

ACORN says citizens have a right to housing.

Luckily, billions of dollars are on the way for ACORN, appropriated in the stimulus bill in an attempt to save the economy from the crisis (the worst since the Great Depression) caused by putting people who could not afford their mortgages into homes that they could not afford.

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