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Things Obama Needs NOT to do by The Elephant's Child

Holman W. Jenkins Jr.  had a splendid column in the Wall Street Journal today.  Right on the button. “Obama” he said, “needs a ‘not to do’ list.”

Put away childish things, President Obama said during his inauguration.  He couldn’t have found a theme more suited to the moment.  The preoccupations that he and most politicians are used to running on, and that still characterize too many of his administration’s utterances, are being exposed in the global economic disaster as the soppy indulgences they always were.

Put away the global warming panic.  Mankind’s contribution to rising CO2 levels raise serious questions, but the tens of billions poured into climate science have, by now, added up only to a negative finding.  We don’t really have the slightest idea how an increase in the atmosphere’s component of CO2 is impacting our climate, though the most plausible indication is that the impact is too small to untangle from natural variability.

In any case , has Mr. Obama taken a gander at collapsing industrial production numbers around the world?  He’s going to get a big reduction in CO2 output whether he wants it or not.  Nor will the public be moved to make costly, material changes in its energy habits, especially if the recent global cooling trend continues.  What we’ll get instead is already depressingly clear: climate pork, or lucrative favors for lobbying interests in the name of global warming that have no impact on global warming.

Do read the rest.  It is the best piece I have read today.

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