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Idol Worship by American Elephant
March 3, 2009, 9:27 pm
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Seen enough Obama-art to last a lifetime?

Not so fast! You’ve only seen the good ones. Check out

New Obama Stimulus Logo… by American Elephant

Barack Obama, in permanent campaign propaganda mode, has introduced a new logo to mark all public works projects funded by his stimulate-big-government stimulus plan.

Naturally, it’s mere coincidence that the logo is  “O” shaped — thus stamping every new windmill and bicycle path with a tax-payer funded ad for “the One”.

What I think is interesting is how the logo makes TOTAL sense… when you view it as a pie chart. Finally! Some truth in advertising from the prop-O-ganda president.

More logo-tinkering at Michelle Malkin.

(h/t) Hot Air

Global Warming Alarmism Has Consequences! by The Elephant's Child

The excitement in Washington D.C. today was to be a demonstration  by global warming activists at the Capitol’s power plant to protest the plant’s use of coal to keep people warm.  The greater excitement was the ‘Gore Effect’ snowstorm that made the demonstrators look silly. Nancy Pelosi’s presence was canceled because of snow.

Iain Murray wrote today of :

The Human Consequences of Global Warming Alarmism

• Raising energy costs kills. According to a Johns Hopkins study, replacing ¾ of US coal-based energy with higher priced energy would lead to 150,000 extra premature deaths annually in the US alone.

Reducing emissions hits the poorest hardest. According to the Congressional Budget Office, a cap and trade system aimed at reducing emissions by just 15 % will cost the poorest quintile 3% of their annual household income, while benefiting the richest quintile.

Raising energy costs loses jobs. According to a Penn State study, replacing 2/3 of  US coal-based energy with higher priced energy will cost almost 3 million jobs, and perhaps over 4 million.

More detailed points and other costs are here, along with background information.

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