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The wonderful world of doggie dreams. by The Elephant's Child
March 5, 2009, 10:55 pm
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If you have ever owned and loved a Labrador Retriever, you are familiar with doggie dreams.  Whether they are in their dreams chasing a rabbit across a field, or (bad dog) chasing a car, they are entertaining to watch.  But this dream is clearly something exceptional.  What do you suppose it was about?  And Labs get so embarrassed!

Just what we need, an economy-killing energy tax in the middle of a recession! by The Elephant's Child
March 5, 2009, 10:42 pm
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President Obama promised again in February that “95 percent of working families” would not see their taxes rise by “a single dime.”  Uh huh.  His own budget reveals that for the sake of saving the planet from global warming cooling, taxes will rise for 100 percent of everybody.

Headline from CNS News: “Senators Debate Global Warming Policy Despite Global Cooling Evidence”

Democratic senators told on Tuesday that despite a recent study that shows global temperatures have been dropping since 2001 and that projects the globe will continue to cool for the next several decades, they think the United States should continue to push forward with aggressive action to curb climate change.

The George C. Marshall Institute released The Cost of Climate Regulation for American Households which documents the economic burdens a cap-and-trade program to control greenhouse gas emissions will impose on American households.  The study examines the burdens that could be placed on American families using the cap-and-trade proposal discussed last year in the Senate as a point of reference.

The authors find that the constraints posed by the Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade approach is equivalent to a constant consumption decrease of about 1% each year, continuing to 2050.  Put another way, the cap-and-trade approach is the equivalent of a permanent tax increase for the average American household which was estimated to be $1,100 in 2008, would rise to $1,437 by 2015, to $1,979 in 2030 and $2,979 in 2050.

Reviewing a host of recent studies, Buckley and Mityakov (authors of the study) show that estimates of job losses attributable to cap-and-trade range in the hundreds of thousands. Energy costs would also rise: electricity by 5-15% by 2015, natural gas prices up 12-50%, and gasoline prices up 9-145% by 2015.

If you remember, Obama said his environmental proposals would drive coal companies bankrupt. As coal production became impossible, people would be forced to support his wonderful clean sources of energy.  But renewable energy cannot provide the energy that Americans need in an increasingly colder world.

Hydropower provides about 2.4% of America’s energy needs — more than 16 times as much as wind and solar power combined.  But more dams are being dismantled than built.  Since 1999, more than 200 dams in the U.S. have been removed.

Wind is intermittent.  Not every day is sunny.  That means that these sources cannot provide the amount of electricity required to meet minimum demand that Americans need.  Mr Obama can double the contribution of solar and wind to the economy, and he can double it again and again, but it still will not come close to the amount of energy needed to keep the U.S. economy going.

President Obama has sent his tax-challenged Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and White House Budget Director Peter Orszag to Capitol Hill to defend a federal budget that assumes $650 billion in revenue from a cap-and-trade carbon emissions scheme.

The entire scheme is based on a belief in global warming that is falling apart. Carbon represents a minuscule portion of the atmosphere, and the portion of that that is of human origin is even smaller.  Dr. Tim Ball has famously described the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) focus on CO2 as the cause of global warming:

as being akin to saying my car is not running well and I am going to determine the cause by ignoring the engine (sun), the transmission (water vapor), and most other mechanical parts and focus on one nut (CO2) on the right rear wheel.  Worse, they only look at one thread of the nut, the human portion of CO2.

So there you are.  To remedy a nonexistent problem, you are going to be taxed at a rate that makes the “not raise your taxes by a single dime” a huge joke.  The experience of the European Union demonstrates that all the taxing and cap-and-trade doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but it does a lot to ruin the economy.  This is a recipe for permanent recession.

Economists all advise that you do not raise taxes during a recession. We seem to be doing rather a lot of things that economists advise us not to do.  The markets are keeping track, and they are casting a decisive negative vote.  Every time the government speaks of their intent, the market tanks once more.

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