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Rule 1. Do Not Raise Taxes During a Recession. Rule 2. Do Not Tax Things That Do Not Exist. by The Elephant's Child

The Space and Science Research Center and its parent company Verity Management Services, Inc. have sent a letter to President Obama.  According to John Casey, President of Verity and Director of the Space and Science Research Center:

Now that global warming has ended, the attempt to legislate and then impose cap and trade schemes on the American tax payer and their businesses can only be described as highly speculative and may well end up in violation of state and federal laws that govern securities and similar financial platforms.  It is sheer folly to force an unnecessary and gigantic tax or fee structure on something that does not exist, especially in the present difficult financial times when the taxpayers and businesses are struggling to stay in their homes or keep their doors open.

Here we are rapidly moving into the worst cold climate era our planet has seen in over 200 years without the first dollar being spent to get our nation ready.  And yet the Obama administration is blindly “rushing off a cliff” planning to tax our people over $500 billion with carbon control programs over the next ten years to combat a climate that simply does not exist and one erroneously based on a common gas that many scientists have shown has little harmful effect on the climate.  The overall situation has just  made much worse and now has the potential of increasing the suffering in our nation as we go into a deepening recession and have to deal with the rapidly approaching and likely dangerous cold period, completely unprepared.   Read the whole thing here….

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, harmless gas that we breathe out every time we exhale.  It is not a pollutant, despite the silly ruling by the Supreme Court. It is not a cause of global warming, for increases in CO2 occur long after increases in temperature. Now, when the planet is cooling as it has been for the past decade, CO2 is still increasing.

CO2 in the atmosphere is plant fertilizer.  Remember photosynthesis from high school biology? The optimum amount of CO2 in our atmosphere would be much, much higher, and it not only fertilizes plants, but protects them from cold.  There is no reason whatsoever to tax carbon, ban carbon, sequester carbon or even to try to reduce it.

President Obama is counting on vast income from his cap-and-trade policy to offset his stimulus and bailouts.  Europe’s cap-and-trade program is a failure, and permits are almost worthless.  The damage that the program has done to European economies is beginning to be understood. Europe’s heavy investment in wind farms and solar has not resulted in any reduction in CO2 at all.

Economists warn that raising taxes in the midst of a recession is a mistake and likely to make things worse.  A tax on something that does not exist, that will fall heavily on every household during an economic crisis is beyond foolish.

Your Tax Dollars At Work! by The Elephant's Child

Let’s all fix education with stimulus dollars.  The Detroit Free Press has reported that Detroit Public Schools, one of the nation’s most chronically corrupt school systems, will receive $355 million from the federal stimulus package — with no strings attached.

The Detroit Public Schools have a $1.5 billion annual budget, but they are currently running a $150 million deficit, with finances so tangled that the state of Michigan has recently appointed an emergency financial manager to oversee its operations.  Since the declaration of emergency, DPS has failed to hand over at least five financial reports required under the state’s consent agreement.

The Brookings Institution has ranked Detroit as America’s worst major urban school district.  Detroit Public Schools only graduate 24 percent of its students.  The Superintendent was fired in December for incompetence, the second superintendent fired in three years and the eighth in the last 20 years.

A 2001 audit found $600,000 missing or misspent.  A 2004 audit of the district’s central warehouse found budget over-expenditures of $1.9 million, and that furniture purchased as part of a $158,000 purchase order is missing.

Expectations of improvement might be a little hasty.  Handing out funds with no strings attached sounds more like payback than stimulus.  Good politics, maybe, but the kids are, as usual, the ones who really get hurt.

Obama and Democrats Spend $1 Billion an Hour in First 50 Days by American Elephant

Keep in mind, Democrats have controlled congress for two years now, contrary to what most Americans believe. (THAT’s gone really well, hasn’t it!)

But since Barack Obama took office promising a new era of fiscal responsibility, he and Democrats have managed in just 50 days to spend more than has been spent on the entire wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan since those wars began. He has managed to increase the national debt in one and a half months more than President Bush did in all 8 years. In fact, President Obama and Democrats have managed in just 6 weeks to increase the national debt more than ALL presidents from George Washington to George W. combined!

Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has done the math and found that Obama and the Democrats have managed to spend $1,000,000,000 an HOUR since Barack Obama was sworn in.

50 days times 24 hours equals 1,200 hours. 1,200 times 1 billion = 1.2 trillion.

In 50 days.

And Obama has 1,411 days left in office (as of this posting). If they were to keep spending at their current rate, Democrats could theoretically spend 33.8 trillion dollars, or two-thirds of the entire world’s GDP, by the end of Obama’s first term.

But don’t worry, they can’t spend that much. The United States will collapse long before then.

Meanwhile, Obama STILL hasn’t come up with a plan to solve the banking crisis, while he has found the time to do everything from coordinated attacks on Rush Limbaugh to weekly cocktail parties with Hollywood celebrities featuring $100 an ounce Wagyu beef. And while he can’t seem to find time to address the root cause of the economic crisis, he has found he has lots of time for pushing nationalized health care, taking away worker’s rights to a secret ballot, blocking oil exploration, and kicking poor black children out of his daughter’s elite private school to pay off corrupt teachers unions.

Wouldn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste, now would he?

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