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You simply cannot make these things up! by The Elephant's Child
March 12, 2009, 10:07 pm
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Henry Payne, who is both a political cartoonist and a writer for the Detroit News, posted a small piece at “Planet Gore” at NRO, entitled “Masters of the Universe”. ( I loved the title).  Not one single member of the White House auto task force has any experience in the industry,  but they may all drive cars, and probably once took driver training in high school.  The Detroit News reported that:

After a three-week crash course filled with meetings and presentations from executives, suppliers, consultants, dealers, analysts, prospective merger partners and politicians — sometimes at the rate of six or seven a day — task force members appear to have a solid grasp of the extent and complexity of the industry’s difficulties.

“What the task force is trying to do is make sure they prop up the right players,” says Craig Cather, CEO of consulting firm CSM Worldwide in Northville.

“Just three weeks! Heck, give them four,” said Payne, “and I bet they can remake the U.S. financial markets!”

What a Trillion Dollars Looks Like by American Elephant
March 12, 2009, 6:58 pm
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A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon we’re talking serious money.

But seriously. Barack Obama and Democrats have spent well over a trillion dollars in just 50 days, but the problem is very few people, yours truly included, can wrap their minds around how much money one trillion dollars even is.

Well, the folks over at PageTutor have tried to help. After discovering that a stack of a hundred $100 bills is just less than a half inch thick, they used 3D rendering software to extrapolate out illustrations for what a million, a hundred million, a billion, and one trillion dollars looks like.

The pic above is the result. (click to enlarge, or better yet, see all the illustrations here). Ten thousand pallets of $100 million dollars each… and the pallets are double-stacked. The tiny red dot in the lower left is an adult male.

Keep in mind this is using $100 bills — a trillion dollars in $1 bills would be 100 times as big.

And Democrats have already spent that much, and then some!

(Page Tutor via Gizmodo)

Liberalism Causes Outsourcing by American Elephant
March 12, 2009, 9:38 am
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Increasing taxation and regulation makes it harder for business to compete. The higher the taxes and regulation, the less competitive industry can be. The failed American auto industry is only the latest glaring example of what liberalism does to American business and American jobs.

It’s no wonder that corporations are fleeing the country to escape tax-hungry Democrats

Cut corporate taxes, stop onerous regulation, create incentive, create jobs, turn the economy around. Even JFK understood it.

Obama Considering Plans to Make Wounded Veterans Pay for Their Own Medical Care by American Elephant

Obama can find $1.2 trillion dollars to pay off unions, environmentalists and ACORN — he thinks we should pay for health care for the children of people making over $80,000 a year, but thinks paying for the expenses of injuries our soldiers received in the line of duty is just asking too much!

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance. [read more]

I’m inclined to believe this is some lame-brained political stunt to gin up support for nationalized health care, because surely no one could be this stupid?

(h/t Hot Air)

Obama Flunking-Out in Two Polls by American Elephant

Surely the nutroots will find out about this soon enough and launch a massive email/twitter/whatever campaign. Undoubtedly, it will be on tomorrow’s White House “progressive” conference call. But for now, a whopping 59% of  respondents to an online MSNBC poll are giving the dear leader a big fat “F” for his performance so far.

Obviously, the staff of MSNBC hasn’t voted yet:

(h/t InstanPundit)

But more importantly, president Obama, and his Treasury Secretary are also receiving failing grades from a Wall Street Journal survey of leading economists:

On average, they gave the president a grade of 59 out of 100, and although there was a broad range of marks, 42% of respondents rated Mr. Obama below 60. Mr. Geithner received an average grade of 51. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke scored better, with an average 71…

[E]conomists’ main criticism of the Obama team centered on delays in enacting key parts of plans to rescue banks. “They overpromised and underdelivered,” said Stephen Stanley of RBS Greenwich Capital. “Secretary Geithner scheduled a big speech and came out with just a vague blueprint. The uncertainty is hanging over everyone’s head.”…

The economists’ negative ratings mark a turnaround in opinion. In December, before Mr. Obama took office, three-quarters of respondents said the incoming administration’s economic team was better than the departing Bush team. However, Mr. Geithner’s latest marks are lower than the average grade of 57 that former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson received in January… [read more]

(h/t Hot Air)

Which provides us with the perfect excuse to try out the nifty new WordPress poll feature* we’ve been dying to take for a spin!

Tell us what you think of the dear leader’s leadership:

*Poll results are at least as scientific as Al Gore’s “consensus” on man-made climate change.

If Only Work Were This Fun by American Elephant
March 12, 2009, 3:30 am
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Photoshops I wish I’d done… by American Elephant

Sublime analogy.

Bet the Empire had “free” health care too! Now if I can only slip the plans into this R-2 unit…

Artist unknown

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