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What a Trillion Dollars Looks Like by American Elephant
March 12, 2009, 6:58 pm
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A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon we’re talking serious money.

But seriously. Barack Obama and Democrats have spent well over a trillion dollars in just 50 days, but the problem is very few people, yours truly included, can wrap their minds around how much money one trillion dollars even is.

Well, the folks over at PageTutor have tried to help. After discovering that a stack of a hundred $100 bills is just less than a half inch thick, they used 3D rendering software to extrapolate out illustrations for what a million, a hundred million, a billion, and one trillion dollars looks like.

The pic above is the result. (click to enlarge, or better yet, see all the illustrations here). Ten thousand pallets of $100 million dollars each… and the pallets are double-stacked. The tiny red dot in the lower left is an adult male.

Keep in mind this is using $100 bills — a trillion dollars in $1 bills would be 100 times as big.

And Democrats have already spent that much, and then some!

(Page Tutor via Gizmodo)


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Simply overwhelming isn’t it? How in the world can we spend this much money this fast? It’s almost surreal.


Comment by docdeer

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