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Endless environmental wars and ongoing battles. by The Elephant's Child

We have posted this video before, but it bears repeating.

S.22— The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009: failed 282 – 144 (2/3 required for passage.)

It authorized the Secretary of Interior to study, establish, and redesignate numerous National Parks, National Wildernesses, National Heritage Areas, National Trails, National Scenic River designations and codifies the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS)….

It is comprised of over 165 separate bills introduced in the 110th Congress.  Senate leaders created an omnibus bill to circumvent “holds” Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) placed on a number of these individual bills because he believed they would authorize wasteful spending, block energy development, and infringe on property rights.


  • Blocks millions of acres from new oil and gas leasing, logging, mining, and all other business activity in these areas.
  • Eliminates 1.2 million acres from mineral leasing and energy exploration in Wyoming alone — withdrawing 331 million barrels of recoverable oil and 8,8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from domestic energy supply.
  • Designates more than 2 million acres of land as wilderness areas; permanently eliminating human access for energy exploration or recreational opportunities.
  • Eliminates a proposed terminal site for importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Massachusetts by designating a river that runs through a city as “wild and scenic.”
  • Authorizes $5.5 billion of new discretionary spending over five years and $900 million of direct spending.
  • Makes collecting fossils an illegal activity, subjecting thousands of hobbyists to 5 years in federal jail.

Why am I writing about a bill that failed to pass?  It is important to understand environmentalist dreams.  They range from a little strange to completely nuts.  The more ideological want to prevent the earth from being disturbed.  They want no energy extracted, no trees cut, no rivers dammed, no mines, no wells, no roads and no people.

They would prefer the Earth to have far less population, possibly none.  If we must have people, they would prefer that we all live in very dense high-rise cities, and the remainder of the country to be wilderness. We are not exactly talking common sense here.

Minor elements like farms to raise food, or energy to move the food from farm to market are really not in their plans.  It is Utopia, the original Eden, that they seek because they love Gaia, Mother Earth, and they want to be one with her.  A little real acquaintance with Mother Nature would be helpful, if painful.

At the end of World War II, entrepreneurs took advantage of surplus military goods to turn parachute nylon and aluminum frames into lightweight backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.  A vast industry sprang up, catering to the baby boomers and their parents.  A little short of money, people descended on the out-of-doors for camping vacations.  Friday nights in Los Angeles meant new freeways jammed with campers heading out — and it took a long time to get out of the city.

This lasted until the little darlings graduated from college and were faced with finding jobs.  Half of them opened outdoor stores, or manufactured freeze-dried food or all the clever lightweight gizmos that ornamented the stylish backpack.  Oversupply ended the boom in backpacking goods, and the craze was over, but not the idealization of nature.

There were plenty of ideologues to urge us on.  Rachel Carson warned of DDT and millions of African children died from malaria. We had ‘Earth Day.’  There was one token animal after another — harp seals and wolves, bald eagles, walruses, spotted owls, salmon and now polar bears, designed to make us send our money to the assorted “environmental” organizations who were devoted mostly to keeping us out of the forests and themselves in the courtrooms of the nation.  Lawsuits became the way to control the hoi-polloi, and keep them from annoying the wildlife.

All this might be tolerable, or just merely annoying, were it not that the earth has stopped warming about a decade ago, and is now cooling.  You may have noticed that it snowed in New Orleans, that ice from Lake Huron is piling up against Michigan houses, and the Dutch are skating on Holland’s canals again.

We laugh about the “Gore Effect:”  every time he turns up to make a speech, it snows.  But a quiet sun suggests that we may be in for increased cooling over the next 30 years — which means that we need more energy.  We need increased CO2 to help crops to grow in colder weather, and we need more energy to stay warm.  More people die from cold.

All of Obama’s overhyped wind farms and solar arrays simply cannot produce the energy we need. Wind and solar are not viable without vast government subsidy, and even then cannot begin to produce what we need. Attempting to put all our energy sources beyond our reach is national suicide.

The ideologically blinded are going to have to lose their rose-colored glasses and try to see where the real dangers lurk.  Feeezing to death in the dark is a hell of a way to die.

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