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Honda Creates Robot Controlled by Brainwaves by American Elephant
March 31, 2009, 6:19 pm
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Opening a car door or turning up the heating at home could become just a wish away with Honda’s new technology that connects thoughts inside your brain with a robot.

And all it requires is wearing an enormous dorky Death Star helmet with dozens of brain-sucking sensors protruding from your melon while lugging around a computer the size of a small dumpster.

How convenient!

Certainly far more convenient than these clumsy, obsolete devices already attached to my brain…called hands!

Honda said the technology wasn’t quite ready for a live demonstration because of possible distractions in the person’s thinking.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

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Maybe this is one reason I’m conservative, and somewhat anti-technology (yes, i see the irony of using the internet while putting down technology). Like you said, we have hands..we have to walk to the car anyways, whats reaching down and opening a door gonna hurt us?
Hell, we already have devices made to start the car without going out to it, we have remotes to open doors, lock and unlock them, pop the trunk. We have onStar which will automatically notify someone if you go flying over a cliff and almost blow yourself to smitherenes and the airbags deploy.
Can you imagine if we get so good we can think about our airbags deploying and suddenly POOF!, your uncle Irving just got popped in the face by an airbag while trying to find a parking spot at the local walmart. Imagine how damaged their shopping carts may get after uncle Irving unconciously crashes into the whole line of them being pushed by a kid making $9/hr to corral the damn things.

Are we really getting so lazy, that the idea of actually doing anything would be considered preposterous for someone of our great stature in society? I mean really….I know a lot of lazy punks who would do well to be made to partake in some sort of physical activity or another BEFORE they are found in their apartment with their skin grafting into the couch.


Comment by Mike Lovell

lol. It reminds me of “Wall-E”. All these gelatinous blobs floating around on hovercraft with robots attending to their every whim.

But I was really just having fun. The technology holds great promise for people who cant do things for themselves. I think other scientists have already introduced artificial limbs that respond to thought, enabling amputees prosthetics that behave more like real limbs. And I’m all for that.


Comment by American Elephant

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